How would you feel if it was someone in your family that was killed!? We were asked to present hard questions we may have trouble or discomfort with. Which I believe is keen to understanding the perspective of the victims family/friends. Harm happens because they say hurt people hurt people. That narrative of harm has to change to a narrative of healed people heal people. If everyone is forever harmed and adverse towards one another how can we move forward progressively. We as a society can’t continuously lock people up and forever hold them to their past, in the present, even into their future.

I am empathetic and sympathetic for all lives are precious, innate within our humanity we are going to make mistakes. In which we learn from our past misdeeds, who wouldn’t want to live in a world of peace and harmony as it was intended. There are a lot of people who have been harmed in their lives and they very well may have caused harm. Which made me think what could I do to assist in healing the family/friends of my victim. Not for my benefit but I think its not cool that anyone’s actions could alter someone else’s life forever.

We live in an society where most our plagued by PTSD due to matters of harm not adequately being treated. How would I feel if it was someone in my family that was killed?! I would feel vengeful, anger, lost, confused, frustrated initially but I would also want some form of counseling to help relieve the pain, anger and resentment.

Training on healing and reducing the affects of harm because I know its not healthy to hold onto that pain. How can you make someone whole when they’re broken in pieces? By providing them the resources required for them to overcome and or be able to deal with the trauma they experienced. When it come to our emotions we tend to feel faster then we think we have to train our brains to think when it wants to feel. Community relations has to be built for people to know how to withstand adversities as they arise….

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