PETITION Community Support for the Commutation of Sentence and Early Release of Terrell Woolfolk-Carter


Terrell was given a “Death by Incarceration” sentence when he was 23 years of age, in the state of PA. After serving 29 years of that sentence Terrell has applied for commutation. A commutation of sentence reduces a sentence, either totally or partially. That time has come and Terrell is currently undergoing the review and determination process.

Since the beginning of his incarceration, Terrell has dedicated his time to evaluating the circumstances and errors that ultimately landed him in prison through rigorous education. He has believed since the start of his sentence that developing an acute understanding of both the effects of his actions and concrete reasons why a young man would make such poor choices was the only way to forge a path toward atonement.

Here are some of things that Terrell has accomplished.  There are many, but I will only list some to give you a snapshot into his life over the last 29 years. I hope this helps in formulating your support.

  • ·  Received Bachelor’s Degree from Villanova University 
  • ·  Currently enrolled in a master’s program at  Drexel University for Creative Writing
  • ·  Author of 3 published books
  • ·  Has written many essays that have been published on a blog “Minutes Before Six” and a poem featured in Caribou Coracle Tera, a collection of poems written by authors from around the world.
  • ·  Hospice Volunteer
  • ·  Participant and Facilitator of many educational programs 
  • ·  Hosted workshop featuring Michelle Alexander, Author of “The New Jim Crow
  • ·  Facilitated session on self-Love, which teaches men in prison how to be an active and loving father in their children’s lives.
  • ·  Participated in a workshop featuring renowned Princeton professor Dr Cornel West
  • ·  Chairperson for LIFERS Right to Redemption Committee 
  • ·  Facilitated workshop on Geopolitics 
  • Co-authored a paper published in Northwestern University Law Review, titled Redeeming Justice by Terrell Carter, Rachel Lopez and Kempsis Songster

As you can see, Terrell has spent (and continues spending) his time evolving and is deeply remorseful for choices he’s made that landed him in prison.  

Terrell truly exemplifies the quote made by Bryan Stevenson

Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.”

It is Terrell’s hope that the community will now support his bid for a 2nd chance by signing this petition.

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