Charles Karim Diggs



Are people serving DBI not entitled to the Universal DNA that human nature is to forgive, change and mature?

I believe a powerful presentation to the Pennsylvania State Government demanding a fair and just consideration of whether a large prison population should die in prison, a thorough study of American history, may reveal, it has always in some form redeemed itself from its violent history and extermination of many populations.

From the time Europeans began coming to this land and then using slavery to develop America, there has been extreme violence and extermination of human beings. While America grew different types of people had to exist together, if capitalism was expected thrive. Eliminating the Indian presence and resistance became the will of the leaders. Slavery was never considered a horrible sentence of death for the Africans. Mexico wars, first, Second world wars, and Korean war reveals a very violent group of men. But, throughout the centuries, America and other nations after being bitter enemies, have reconciled differences and historical hostility.

In the history of slavery, America has redeemed itself through the civil war. Welfare, food stamps, job training, affirmative active, some believe was some of the ways to redeem itself from unjust oppression and dehumanization upon the African American people. Dropping the nuclear bomb on Japan, some believed reconstruction in Japan, was part of redeeming America’s humanity back. Vietnam. was a brutal war where 3 Million Vietnamese died for their freedom from American colonialism. Today America is doing trade where the Vietnamese people are thriving and free. This is part of America’s long history of trying to redeem itself from a past that has caused the heavens to weep.

My proposition is that each and every person should be before a parole board, not a kangaroo board, to review their application to return to society. This position is based on a universal part in that all persons can mature, change, and have great potential to contribute to the good of society.

This innate nature of human beings, known as prisoners, are not exempt from this natural element of creation.

If there is any chance of substantial change in Pennsylvania or the nation, relating to DBI we better change our narrative and framing why we should be included in the religious, political, moral compass that has been applied from the beginning of human existence on earth.

Today we have fallen into the trap of remaining in the graveyard of victimization. Victimization is a permanent, death. In every area of therapy, psychology and law, there is a time that healing takes place, and a person moves on with life. If the person is always brought back into the trauma, they never heal. This nation at least has made great efforts in redeeming itself from atrocities they committed against innocent nations and people, and America for the most part have redeemed itself.

We believe 5500 DBI PERSONS deserve a parole review that is established to return the missing women and men back to their families and communities. We need a platform or a group of members to present our position to the state government forcefully and making compelling arguments. Pleading for victims does not make our arguments.It does not show that some DBI are innocent, others do not have any malice in the crime and had no intent for violence, and others were to immature, intoxicated to perform premeditated murder.There are others who are reformed and resurrected from ignorance. Our case illustration is to show, people don’t belong in prison anyway. The case narrative reveal a unfair unjust system. If we fail to highlight injustices, most people in government believe we have received our just results= DBI. Remember we are not talking with normal people. Politicians are not normal. Remember that. Only weak people do not forgive, strong human beings forgive




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“Justice Administration”

Justic Administration 1Justic Administration 2


LOVE must be the dominant and driving force in our criminal justice system. Justice requires compassion and love only demands that the people in the system, treat and administer fairness the way they would want to see their friends and family treated.This core requirement is the foundation of Love.This type of cultural mindset is needed. The war on people is the very disease that has contributed to recidivism and seven or more suicides in the last two months.The absence of Love and compassion in the systems have developed a prison nation, empty of dignity and reform. Instead of using the ancient concept of punishment. deterrence,incapacitation, we ought to create a new formula .The new structural firm should be, repentance, forgiveness, planning, returning to society a new person, but one who has truly shown a redemptive character. Spring has always caused me to remember childhood. Cleaning the home with my Mother and three brothers and three sisters. I tried to get away and be with all my little friends. I could hear them playing baseball or chasing each other on our sticks which were make beliefs horses. But, most important part of springtime is everyone had to clean our rooms, and bring out our lighter clothes and wrap our winter coats away in plastic. The hard work was waxing the floors. I would always get the hard part.They said, I was the smallest and it was easy for me to get under the kitchen table and all the other places behind the t.v., and corners. It was fun helping my mother clean the houses.I saw it necessary to help her, especially when the waxing floors and wiping down the walls. There were some spring occasions when we would paint all the rooms, and my Dad would supervise the operation. My sisters would argue with me about what colors to use. I would always pick sky blue and they wanted yellow and this bright pink. We never agreed on colors. After all the work was done we would sit on our back lawn, and have lemonade. I see my Mom’s pretty face and the smell of her love affects me today in my spring romance. Yes spring is always a Romance and a joy to me. I guess you can understand spring time will always be with us, just as the thought of our Mothers will forever remain my life time pillar of faith, warmth a product of her love. Today with all life’s struggles and defeats, wins and joys, nothing has yet, come forth to create that special joy called Springtime. My Mom passed a while back. I think of her so often. I even smell her Ivory soap aroma. She always was warm and loving. My two younger sister made me sick, they were always under my Mom in my way. When we jump in the bed they were always next to her in my way. I had a good bonding with my Mom. She said, I was her only child that was able to make a dead soul come alive, and that I was born to love. I miss her.


We put persons in prison, shut them out of society. Our existence expects that we see the evil of character and correct it. Prison was made to face the human tragedy of making bad choices. The lawmakers and policymakers abandoned the original intent of prisons being a redemptive place for all the confused souls.

It has never been the policy nor the history of America to encage humans until they die! The penalty was enjoyed by those who executed it. FOR THE most part the American people believed if a person changed they would be released into the community. Parole at some point was a American custom in practice. If a person conducted themselves in a sane way while in the prison, hope and relief was a reality, American penal system offered a chance for a person to show their true colors.

Suddenly the language, laws, sentencing negatives, statutes, voices of crowd, mob control overwhelmed the daily and evening news. Fear and outright deceptions dominated our communication system.The population became impregnated with revenge, fear, racism, and law and order as the solution to fear.

Most studies reflect that the shift in perception took off around 1970’s and 1980’s, and massive DBI BECAME THE NORMAL. MY JUDGES TOLD me I would be able to have parole in 15 years if I kept my nose clean.

This was in 1977. Again after a new trial I was told the same by another judge. Judges knew the custom and tradition allowed Lifers to have a reasonable chance to return to society a productive person. That is no longer a reality.

Professor Charles Ogletree, in his book, LIVES ON THE LINE FROM CAPITAL PUNISHMENT TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. He wrote Life is the new normal.

Economic responsibility has not caused a shift in the use of taxpayers money. The narrative sold to the society has allowed billions of dollars to be spent on punishment. Our best minds have opted to carry the myth to the highest level of ignorance. The false belief that we need thirty two state prisons, with two prisoners in every cell is false narrative used to shift the attention from the billions used to support corporate welfare. To create a fair system for a parole review for those serving DBI, we will need a community-based system put in place, that represents the complexion of the prison population. Starting in 1988, blacks are eight time more likely to go to prison for each white. Can any of us imagine the destruction of the African American family, and then the community at large?

There are so many lives ruined and banished from a normal existence, prison has become the new projects, and food bank for the poor.

Our American Trauma is like no other in the world. Just dessert is the justification so, do the time. Like, three strikes and you’re out Pennsylvania permits women and men to exist with DBI even if they did not murder anyone. The power to charge and inflict DBI upon the citizens has yet to be offensive to justice. Why does this cruel sentence exist without legal authority changing the cruel system? First, the legislatures are battling to have prisons built in their districts. A building of prisons ensures reelection repeatedly. The truth is the system represents slavery because the state prison population represents young black men and women entering these ritual prisons across the state. While putting two allegedly dangerous people in a cell, we are stacking men and women on top of one another without concerns of their humanity. Redemption has yet to enter the social, scientific, economic policies used to cause DBI to be public policy. Who is the public? Who are these so called public policymakers? Our voices must overwhelm the prosecutors, emotional appeals and damaging images of crime victims. A person has no place at the table when the stakeholders have stacked the deck with citizens who are being paid to represent what we call public safety, because you are never going to get employee’s by the state to champion the humanity of people who have been sentenced to DBI. The interest is diametrically against redemption. The present system has to be restructured to include the people. most affected by the environments that produce crime and violence. Poverty and a inadequate education sets up all the factors for criminal behavior. The absence of resources is the breeding grounds for behavior that allows young adults to err in life. When basic needs are a struggle each day of a persons exist, the desires take over. We should use the human capital and begin paroling women and men serving DBI so we may share the positive knowledge we have learned and help direct the community we come from.

It is time, Pennsylvania abandon the old European theory of torture. Citizens received death sentence for stealing food. A fundamental change in how we treat law breakers, and how we manage human beings is a beginning. Change is hard to accept by rulers. Until we create enough tension, our positive positions may be seen as simple citizens. Every organization must evolve to be relevant.

We must tell those who are making and maintaining this insane DBI policy, it is time to break the punishment spell, and wake up to the national enlightenment that traditional oppression must cease. There is a abusive system in place, that penalizes our errors in the journey of life, but don’t support your good. There is a correlation between health care and criminality. A healthy environment produces positive decisions. Over punishments brings additional stress. Healing, caring, redemption have a greater chance of success, if the policy stakeholders will release their war psychosis. Soon is not soon enough.


Most Americans are working class. They pay taxes, obey the laws, and follow the rules. They pay taxes expecting the leaders to represent the interests of the people who give their salaries. The leaders are paid to manage these trillions of dollars every year.This responsibility has been taken for granted…

A social and political contract is missing in this relationship of government and citizen. It is uncontestable that we are suffering a lack of accountability, The unchecked power given to our elected leaders has created a mixture of totalitarian and autocracy systems that we take for granted. An example: a judge or a three judge panel repeatedly make judicial rulings that offend the common citizens’ life and liberty. The rulers make laws that permit other arms of the state to use our tax dollars to build more prisons and to hire more police (to watch you). In return we get high prices for everything you need to sustain life. They use your tax dollars to build sports stadiums, but you remain unable to obtain treatment and assistance for your disabled child. The national disregard for the citizens has caused crime, including an underground economy, composed of millions of citizens who see no reason to get involved in the system. The political systems have failed to solve centuries of abuse and neglect. Thinking critically, I am convinced that the local, state, and national leadership should think in terms of redeeming themselves and reversing the selfish government we exist under. First, redeem themselves with a commitment to serve the needs of the citizens– all the people. Psychological preparation would help the long road for redemption in order to save the nation from the present courses of AMERIÇAN APARTHEID.

UNTIL WE become open skeptics of the fake leadership, our communities will continue existing as a crippled and inferior humans. Scientific and social methods have to become part of the redeeming journey.



We live in a nation that imprisons 25% of the world’s prisoners. What is more astonishing is citizens in America serve more time in prison than any other nation. Equally, unbelievably, the myth that “we need to build more prisons and make the punishment more harsher.”

While taking a class in Lewisburg Federal Prison in 1978, I was privileged to have an Economics Professor explain in detail the public policy which was going to imprison millions of unemployed, desperate citizens who will get caught up in the criminal system. In the process of this public policy, massive imprisonment will be the solution to a broader issue of world economics.. The professor gave us a simple example of a nation that once provided millions of jobs but suddenly the corporations in mass began closing down steel mills and factories that moved to China and other nations. Obviously, the unemployment would cause trauma.

As a result of this economic unhappiness and shock violence, within the home, and property crimes and gangs would emerge from this social disaster. As a substitute for employment, drugs would become an economic escape from poverty.

Public policy became a voice for law enforcement, and more police were put in the urban zones because the crime rate increased. Massive prison construction took place in order to imprison poor whites and blacks for extended periods of time. This is where we inherited massive imprisonment of Americans.

Extreme prison sentences were instantly created by state and federal lawmakers. They will not tell us the truth, but this policy was engineered by our social scientists and politicians to imprison the young men and women who were unemployed as long as possible. The idea is based on centuries of study that crime is committed by the youthful. The nation’s leaders had to find a solution to a human problem. The cost was of no concern because the taxpayers always foot the bill.

The transfer of wealth will not trickle down to the common people. The corporations have left America for China, Asia for good. This transfer of labor he said, “has had the effect of an atom bomb dropping on the inner cities.”

We have to become educated in the areas of economics, saving, developing your businesses. This knowledge is the only solution to the unemployment and crime in the communities across this country. Most of the prisons are built in rural America. Prisons only provide a certain number of jobs. At the same time, millions of men and women are taken from their inner city homes, and transferred into far away federal and state prisons. The money that would remain in the city is now going into the state budget to take care of each prisoner. Families lose the economic contribution that their imprisoned loved one could have provided. The people lose at both ends. Society as a whole loses and the nation becomes a divided society. We don’t want this type of society, nor do we need that kind of world.


But this public policy is manufactured by men who are greedy and heartless. We must come to understand that everyone is not involved in making america a safe and happy place for all its citizens. There are policy makers, leaders, professors, scientists who believe a capitalistic system must have at least 6% or more unemployment at all times. There are others who believe that prison is a safety net for the poor. We have an obligation to demand that our government change the public policy and reduce the prison population because it is inhumane, unjust, and unconstitutional. The implication of this horrible policy, was rooted in a false premise. Additionally, the massive imprisonment battle cry was not fairly, legally, and humanely discussed and researched with public input. The entire massive imprisonment was a product of political, emotional, and prejudicial components.

Our message is an attempt to educate you about the massive incarceration and how it affects our families and communities. The $80 billion and more used to imprison human beings is taking money from other services of the community. In every major city public schools have closed down. In the last 25 years hospitals and clinics in urban cities and rural areas have closed down. Why? Your tax dollars are being used for prisons, guard salaries, police salaries, judges, and court houses being built. There is no money left for human services and education. This phenomenal disaster has taken place across America.

The public policy along with social scientists are aware that large numbers of young healthy women and men, who are unable to earn a living, will convert to some form of crime. The plot to imprison the idle poor worked perfectly.

We are now in the very nightmare that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of. The same arguments that he made in the ’50s and ’60s remains today. He warned us about racism, poverty, militarism and materialism. Our great warrior went on to teach America that the whole society was rooted in the four evils. He revealed that the sickness was systematic rather than superficial flaws and suggested that radical reconstruction of society itself is the real issue to be faced.

All Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter:

My friends, this is why black lives matter, massive incarceration matters, and judicial and legislative repression matters. We have to recognize the forces that prevent our community from enjoying peace, happiness, freedom, and the right to life. It is our right to agitate, that is a duty of each citizen to create the circumstances that demands the men or power to listen, and change the structures that offends our fundamental human rights.

White Lives Matter:

Massive incarceration is not a separate problem from the everyday struggle of unemployment, violence, miseducations, and fear. Massive incarceration should include all citizens. There are white people sitting in prison, rotting away. They also have been framed for crimes, as well as unconstitutional sentences. Because they were white and poor. The difference is black people in the media are bringing attention to the public policies of massive unjust imprisonment. The issue does not discriminate. Every person regardless of skin color or status in society, come and join us in this struggle.

There has been a total lack of recognition that white men and women have also been unjustly convicted, and denied parole. Too many injustices go uncorrected by our system because the face is usually of a black man. We must change the narrative and educate with truth.

A Time for Unity:

Let us remain awake in these times of great change. Some of us need to come out of our coma. We have been economically suffocated in a society flourishing in wealth, and the condition has worsened for millions of citizens. Whites are poor and blacks are poor. We should not let race divide us. Our unity is necessary if we want to make change.

Dr. Martin Luther King mentioned in one of his speeches before some church leaders that how many times have someone knocked on our door at midnight seeking help, hope, and love , and in return received rejection and told to go away. His message was for the church to meet the needs of the people and how the church is supposed to be the Conscience of the State. It must be a guide and a critic of the State, and never its tool

Knock at The Door:

There is a knock at the door for all people to answer the call for change. The social order requires us to wake up and not sleep while the time is now for a complete change. We don’t want to go down in history as being asleep in the time of evolution. Let history be a lesson to us.

We welcome everyone to help us change the criminal-judicial-legislative-prison-parole-police systems. Each of these entities are one. They have specific functions that support one another. Each feeds off the other.

Thank you for reading this blog and expect more information. Feel free for dialogue.


A change is needed America. One out of every three black men comes to prison. This is too many healthy men leaving the community. The absence of fathers and husbands creates many other serious problems. One major and deadly result is children growing up without a father. The damage this does to a child is long-term. More children drop out of school. Their fathers are usually in prison or dead.

Mothers are left without husbands or a solid wage earner to do his part of caring for the woman’s needs and the children. Everyone in the family suffers. There is an economical cost and mental health element that is being ignored by the family, community and government. The mental health effects of large numbers of men missing in the family has created a community existing as if their husbands and fathers and now, grandfathers are in a war. The only problem is the males are being enslaved and when they return to the community, they are rejected and unable to earn a living. The effects of war continue to destroy the community of citizens who need economical, mental health assistance.

I would suggest everyone come to a conclusion a change is needed. But, where does the solution come from? Our system punishes crime with mandatory sentencing. In fact, extreme sentences have been the solution against black Americans for a very long time. Only recently have community and some citizens become involved. As a result, some states have reduced some low-level drug crimes to community sentence and a certain degree of drug programs and drug courts.But the vast majority of courts and legislatures have continued the march to longer and longer sentences. Everyone has ignored that 95% or your crimes including murder, the defendant using drugs or involved in both selling and using. However, the dedication to imprisoning black men and women in prison forever, rejects the mitigating factors.

Change can happen if more of the families and community get seriously involved. Legislatures are saying, “Families are not testifying at the senate hearings when relating to sentencing and criminal justice issues.”

Long sentences almost guarantee that defendants return to crime. The reentry system is useless. Men and women need to leave prison and work while they’re in jail and have weekends home with their children. This is the only way to maintain a family.

For each day in prison, a day should be taken off the sentence. Additional days taken off for educational and work achievements. Long-term prisoners should be released, with a chip placed in their arm, and allowed to work and remain free, as they are monitored. This has worked in New York City. Lifers would make perfect candidates. The Lifers that are home never return to prison. Why waste millions keeping them in jail?

No matter who speaks about crime, punishments, and prisons, there is an economic cost. For the most part, the common sense approach has thus far been rejected by state and federal law makers. Mandatory sentencing maintains an over-populated prison system. It also requires the building of more prisons.

A significant percentage of every tax dollar is spent in criminal justice, judicial, police, prison, and legislative systems, thus, reducing funding for education, health care, and housing.

The imprisonment of citizens has become a necessity. It has become public policy for massive imprisonment. These policies were a direct result of war on poverty which turned into war on poor people. The billions of dollars that were supposed to be used for poverty were used to hire more police in the communities that needed jobs, training, and education. Only 4% of the billions set aside for human development was used for actual communities.

Elizabeth Hinton wrote, “War on Poverty to the War on Crime,” a historical journal explaining how we reached this horrible place in history. She explained thatPresident Nixon believed that blacks were the problem in America and we were causing all the trouble with the hippies. He, along with the FBI, under J. Hoover, used every part of government power to destroy the liberation groups; civil rights organizations; anti-war groups, and peace movements. The destruction of these citizens’ voices included creating illegal activity within the groups and bringing drugs into the communities in order to disrupt the freedom movements.

The destruction of the freedom movements was successful. The voices of citizens were silenced. There was some success, changes were made in every area of American life for the African Americans, women, and those who were shut out of the political and economic systems in America. But, this great achievement did not allow the vast majority to rise out of poverty. The diseases of slavery and discrimination continue to breed deeper pockets of despair and apartheid. 

The desire for one nation, equal justice, and happiness for all American was abandoned.

The government’s participation in creating our present day massive imprisonment is a direct and intentional public policy sold under the myth of “LAW and ORDER.”It was a myth to have presidents elected and senators re-elected. It worked at the expense of becoming the WORLD’S CHAMPION OF THE LARGEST POPULATION OF PRISONERS WHO SERVE MORE TIME BEHIND BARS THAN ANY PERSON ON EARTH.
Until Persons of Color are considered as human as others, the public policy will remain cloaked in a false promise that law and order is the reason for massive imprisonment.

It has been proven that the citizens accept closing schools and build prisons across every state. Those who don’t agree with closing schools in exchange for prisons have no influence in changing public policy.

The more policy we have, more policing we get. Because in order to enforce these public safety policies, lawmakers believe they need men and women with guns and tanks to make sure the citizens realize the State will kill its citizens if we disobey the policy.

Prison systems are operating on the same policy theory. New rules were instituted a few days ago in the prison. No curtains in your window to block out 100° heat. If we disobey we may go to the hole or suffer some punishments. No clothing lines to dry your clothing. Policy is no lines. Policy is to punish all prisoners who disobey. 

I believe there is an absence of respect for human beings. There is an absence of fairness in the American systems that we exist under. The policy and systems that are cherished were never created to be applied equally to all citizens.They were created for the wealthy and privileged. This is why they have not worked. The government persons who are in charge refuse to consider the various voices in society. The people’s votes don’t count. This is why so many millions of people don’t vote.

Citizens should not have to march, riot, demonstrate, and possibly get beat or killed by police simply because they are petitioning change. The truth is the citizens are not free. We are allowed to go along to get along. That is not freedom.

If the majority rules then the rest of the people suffer under the foot of the majority. The founding fathers said, “The majority must protect the rights of the minority because history has shown us that the majority will execute TYRANNY against the minority.” (Federalist Papers No. 10—Madison.)

Unfortunately, the fear that the founding fathers envisioned has come true. The majority has turned their positions of power to oppress the minority. Our legislature, judiciary, and executive have disobeyed the founding fathers, which they praise as the wisest men on earth.

Madison, in Federalist Papers No. 51, informed us that if men were angels, no government would be necessary. A government of men, over men, however, needs institutional design.

Massive imprisonment is a result of men who have lost their way and have used their majority power to make laws that ensure more police, more prisons, harsher sentences, and billions of dollars wasted on prisons that torture the very souls of women, men, and children.

The psychological results are broken men and women who return to society unable to adjust to a system that rejects them.

Families and entire communities are wiped out and poverty becomes  a tradition. The inequality of power is the major problem, because without power our voices for change go upon deaf ears. And public policy, public safety is louder because it is backed up by state force.These political institutions smother thepeoples’ voices.

How do we break these structural institutions is the dilemma we face. We must continue to influence those in power to change the systems that we say do not address the human needs. We need to convince these structural leaders that all human beings have certain innate traits that should allow the structural system to allow those prisoners to return to their communities. The people who control have to be forced by reason, debate, and protest that the systems they are enforcing is not divine and should not be applied any longer. The twenty-first century requires us to use our intelligence. After all we are the enlightened nation and exceptional. My suggestion is we hold the majority to their claim as the greatest nation on earth—ever.
America has almost 3 million human beings in prison on any given day. Prisons have become a cemetery for hundreds of thousands of women and men who have died and those who will die. The elderly population is over 10% of the population. In some prisons it is much more.

The secret being kept from the public is that prison has already turned gray. Already many prisons are ⅓ elderly. When you add in the stress and diet within prisons, aging begins faster. Certainly after serving many years in prison, a person should be able to show that they have redeemed themselves, recognize and accept their contract with society to be a productive citizen. Honoring the lives of others must be a part of their return to the community.

If there is ever to be justice, it will have to be a panel or group of citizens who are looking to see if the person has redeemed themselves and changed into a new person. Because as long as the present system is public safety, the people who would review for parole will always decide for public safety. The person will forever remain in prison. That is what we are facing today. Prison should not be DBI (Death by Incarceration) under no circumstances.


The American design for government is to ensure white male dominance and rule. It actually represents white male supremacy. This is the historical disease that we must understand, and change the design of how 360 million people are going to be governed. If, we are sincere about change, the people must be part of the design, if the republic is expected to work.

There is something strange about the greatest nation on earth that retains the largest prison population on the earth, the highest murder rate in the world, and the most drug loving addictive people on earth. Is this a nation of freedom, liberty, and happiness?

I suggest, we are in need of a new design where the common men, and women, have a significant input in the creation of laws, rules, and the constitution. Above all, we need human beings who are not obsessed with severe punishments and racism.
I hope you find ideas and strength in my essay. Feel free to continue this conversation. Remember, the America systems of prison, judiciary, legislative, and economics has never been emancipated from the old world order. The American economy punishes too many people. And the ex-slaves have been crushed along the way, and this inherited condition has driven the prison system from the inception of prisons in America. We may never get any liquid wealth, but it is possible for us to obtain basic justice. Democracy requires no less.

Pennsylvania at the moment is selecting a new district attorney. One candidate was never a district attorney. He states, “All the other candidates are D.A.’s or ex-prosecutors. The D.A. is the problem; they are not willing to change the system. The prosecutor is to see justice not convictions. Fairness and due process has long ago been a dream. The D.A. position has been another hold over for regression against the African American people. All white juries, judges who helped the D.A. convict a person. Judges, many ex-prosecutors, allowing the courtroom to be a star chamber.”


A people’s society is necessary for meaningful change. No society is worthy of praise if its law-making, court systems, and police policies refuse to change. Enlighten society’s change as they require new informed knowledge. A progressive nation evolves, and never closes the journey of justice, equality, justice and equity both legally and economically. Your questions are welcomed.


​The Holy Quran is a wonderful book, a message for all humanity. It is a guide and indeed a mercy.

What amazes me about the Quran is it recognizes Issues, Moses, and Abraham as all Brothers and Messengers and Prophets from the one GOD Creator, and they taught the same message. Muhammad is simply the last Messenger. I tell people our rituals are a little different.

Greed and fear along power is a dangerous disease. Poverty has also a man made defect that is horrible and dehumanizing to such an extent is drives man and women to act, and think inhumanly, contrary to our honorable nature. Poverty leads to cruel suffering and reactions.

This triumph health care change is going harm millions of people. We need people who love people to lead America. We need love and new economical systems. Until that happens we will experience the same and worse.

Remember, if there is no struggle, there is no struggle. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.

Thank you for the human contact. The key to massive imprisonment is tall prison walks isolation and fear. Be safe and courageous.

With kind thoughts,


Dear Friend,
History teaches the nature of men who rule the human family. Governments change when the people create such tension, they are forced to meet our demands. But, we must get enough education in the heart of the people. America has allowed its citizens to make comfort, games, and enough food to cause us to be tolerant. The people who should be in the streets and demanding change are sleep and afraid. Our fight is very difficult but it must be fought. I see women are the key to this struggle. Some men yes but women are going to move this revolution forward, then more men will step. It is going happen, in a way we don’t conceive. Because the rulers are blind with comfort, counting their money, traveling the universe and maintain ugly police and military assassination agencies. They all carry funds and are hired murders. I noticed for years when a women and her children are evicted from their home, the sheriffs come armed. How can we call our society a free nation. I remember when Kent State protest and the national guard killed all those white people. I heard many white men and women say to many of us,that power does not see color and they will kill their mother without a second thought. That statement is true today.



My name is Charles Karim Diggs AK7945, Box 244, Graterford PA 19426, August 15, 2017. I am here once again feeling my existence, some purpose. Transformation is not owned by the few. Silence is rewarding, enabling one to follow a course for liberation and redemption. Being behind a 50-foot wall and married to steel, concrete, and cages of despair and loneliness, silence leads to redemption. The redemption- and redemptive achievement does come from listening.

Prison is a place where transformation is part of the human element that resides in all human beings. Prison was invented for deference to incapacitate the human heart and soul. Prison is an incentive to respect your own nature and sanity. Nothing in prison nourishes your human development. Listening to your soul, the voice within, the better voices that need room to breathe in your ticket to all your dreams.

Your divine nature may seem dormant, but is awaiting your embrace.

Prison is at war with you as it is with society. Dr. King (Martin Luther King, Reverend) taught us, “Our struggle in America is tied into the wars across the globe.”

Our horror plantations are the perfect example of what is wrong with America and our relationships. Prison is the place where ills, troubles, conflicts, economic diseases are hidden away in cages. It is a direct result of divorcing human beings simply because they have not conformed to society. More importantly, the deviant behavior is a result of a social environment that produces human decisions that harm every aspect of human dignity. Prison does not cure. Human consciousness cures the diseases. Only then is a human being liberated, redemption from this man-made hell labeled prison.



Simply put redemption is a journey of recovery. Commutation was supposed to be forum for a woman or man to demonstrate they have been redeemed. We may as well define Pennsylvania as a lottery system. It does not exist for Pennsylvania. Very rarely does a prisoner obtain relief. Someone has to tell the five member board you are a Worthy risk. A prisoner will not get all five votes unless she is the lucky number within the 8 year period of a governor. This is why, under any governor, you may have a few lucky persons to get the five votes. If a person reaches the governor’s desk, the governor will sign it. The last man who was granted commutation was 76 years of age, had served 47 years on a life sentence, and he did not kill anyone. Are all these wasted decades necessary? It appears that this system of death by incarceration intentionally attacks and undermines the founding fathers’ vision to eliminate tyranny and oppression. Everything about the massive imprisonment and the false imitation of a process is a recrimination of the constitution and the substitute law that demands that the basic tenet of religion, psychiatry, psychology, and rehabilitative incarceration be applied to people in prison. There is no reason to deny this to persons incarcerated. Pennsylvania has to stop spending billions of dollars on a false narrative of public safety and guilt. Only when large numbers were blacks were put in prisons, then the prisons became death warehouses. Prisoners and felons need a crime strike. Put the system out of business.


I would love again. When I was put in prison, I had a wife, children, and was existing in love. I have yet to experience love while in prison for decades. There has been nothing under prison life that nourishes the natural agency of my humanity. I have yet to experience anything more rewarding, powerful, healing, fulfilling than love. When I go home I am going to gather all my children and grandchildren, embrace them, and try to gain my ability to breathe again.

After decades in prison I have learned every rule in prison is grounded to deprive a human being of the basic needs. This basic need is absence in every second of my humanity. This absence of love is an intricate part of assuring the emptiness of a prisoner and causes millions to return to society unable to connect to their source. My source is love, and when I come home, I will connect with the greatest force in creation and, in fact, it is the only reality worth living for.




In what way does wealth and love become a healthy marriage?WEALTH should help more than just the wealthy. Wealth should enrich the community. Success should affect the overall health, sanity and well-being of a society.

First, America is grounded in a belief that we are better off having a free market, open markets relating to production, private ownership and distribution. This economic system has proven over time to have been a miracle for white supremacy, and the curse for Africans, Indians and other brown, yellow, red people on the planet. It has also been a curse for the poor Europeans on earth, including Americans.

Secondly, capitalism would flourish more if it had a principle that would permit the owners of wealth to dedicate the theory of betterment of society include a guaranteed percentage of the wealth be used to eliminate slave wages, and ensure that labors and unskilled workers be paid enough hourly wage according to their needs. For example a woman with three children, and no other income, receive enough income to effectively meet all her needs. A man with a wife and six children would receive a larger wage. This type of system could be established by needs, not greed.

Thirdly, if we desire to change the conditions. of the fifty million working poor, and massive prison population, the power of capitalism is the universal tool that could do it. This could be achieved easily, if government would use the subsidies along with the wealthy rulers to bring the fifty million out of poverty and crime. Remember poverty is what drives crime and billions of dollars in human sand economic lost to communities.

Fourthly, allow peace to exist on earth. If, the wealthy would cease financing war, and selling weapons, the nation would have time to use the best minds to build a system to meet the goal of elimination the abject poverty that is mostly inherited.

Poverty is part of the imperfect systems we have been stuck. The history of America has given us a mirror to review our mistakes and crimes against humanity. The great challenge is to reach a moral level where we can feel that all human beings should have their basic needs met, at least before trillions of dollars are invested in war and our space adventures.

Fifthly, the elimination of greed would enable a shift in how America could be a place where work will be a way to remove crime as an option, in getting what you want. We could turn, this sickness of massive imprisonment around and start nourishing the economic landscape with elements of love that would produce lawful conduct. This is not socialism. Our model is based on the American exceptionalism. We have the most advanced learning institutions in the world and the most dangerous military machine on earth. The challenge is a shift in what we should do to make life peaceful, healthy, and prosperous for all Americans.

After the second world war we rebuilt Europe. We rebuilt Japan and made capitalism their economic model. Their great minds were forced to surrender to America’s model of society.

Remarkably Japan has become a nation of accomplishments. If our nation can do this to an enemy of course we can do the same for the American citizens. We need leaders who love humanity. We need leaders that cherish human beings above profit. Leaders need to be reminded that their forefathers were dirt poor, destined in poverty and persecution. Their adventure was based on natural right to escape oppression from the wealthy aristocrats who thrived on slave wages and crushing to suppress the masses. America was supposed to be a place to change that.

The love for freedom and the right to share in the market place has suffered a huge and perverted set back, because slavery was never supposed to end.




Redemption has a historical, cultural, social, political, and a economically place in our country. A healthy person makes a healthy citizen when they are able to enjoy the Democratic privileges afforded in the free market. Peace and happiness is part of the reason for the American experiment. Our nation has lost the desire to ensure and continue the founding principles that the founding men used to get this nation started. The mission is Incomplete because each family started off on different places in the experiment. The character which inspired America was everything was possible, even freedom for slaves. Our history is bold, to say the least. The character of the system is change. A cultural shift has taken place. It is positive on one end and ugly on another. Our journey for change is partly of the DNA of America.The search for a solution in bringing DBI to a end has everything to do with justice, fairness, violence, fear, mental disease,and equity. Today we need a cultural change.The change requires a different approach to dispensing justice. A just system requires a central consideration of all elements of the subject. The criminal punishment system has yet, to consider the whole person and the nature of woman and man. We need to change the culture of extreme punishment. It has failed to solve the disease in the society. Remaking the institutions of power so that it will reflect the moral, social, political and economical face of the people. Stakeholders should include the ideas and wishes of the families and community of all the citizens. Media, seduces people in all the dimensions, which has lead us to believe DBI is sufficient in punishment. Along with the overdose of regular media coverage of violence every day and night, the movie industry has convinced us to watch violence as entertainment. The culture of violence has numbed the moral consideration of compassion and fairness. WE have to change the opinion and the image of those serving DBI. If the media continues to show African American. men and women as the face of crime, naturally the entire network of law enforcement, judges,parole boards and the legislature reflect their disdain. Is anyone asking the questions, how do we change the status quo? I believe the citizens in. Pennsylvania are also suffering from the effects of 17 years of war and the ghost of terrorist along with mass school murders.This overflowing of constant, daily diet of blood, tears, emotional demands of revenge, we shouldn’t be surprised that a numbness exists when people in prison are seeking some review of their imprisonment. My solution and answer to our dilemma stands on the ability of human beings to change and evolve as all other human beings do in this world. The public health is reflected in its prisons. The nature of the nation is change and redemption. After centuries of slavery, our nature saw fit to ban slavery, and try to incorporate the black man into the system. A war was fought and more human beings died in that war than any other at that time. Over 100,000 ex slaves died in that war. The point is, America redeemed itself and began the long journey of freedom, equality, opportunity, fairness and above all some justice for all stakeholders! It is my honest belief we have to bind our mission with the historical, moral and spiritual principles that the founding men established the foundation. The cure is found in Love and fairness. Love has never been part of the punitive, judicial, punishment, law making systems. Love is a cure. Love used in the right way, will open the heart and sight will come back. There is blindness operating in the legislative system. Only special interest and who can obtain enough donations to finance reelections matters.This is a form of blindness that keeps the common peoples concerns from coming to light. One nation means, we are all one. At the time of war. the citizens are asked to out down their differences and let us bind together against the enemy. This is a call for loving and dying for beach other, for the health of the nation. I urge all of those concerned to be mindful there is a cultural revolution taking place in America. It is our duty to get on board and insist that a different twenty first century idea come forth and allow the citizens who have been sentenced to die in prison be given a healthy start and reentered into society. A healthy person leaving prison can easily spread health and sanity to the family, which spreads across the community.There are all winners in the proposition that women and men who are serving DBI, are a essential part of healing and peace in our society. Love goes a long way in solving historical health and social problems. Minds and bodies do heal when treated with the necessary touch of mercy, opportunity and the divine breath of trust. It had been shown over and over again that the human brain takes time to mature and to reason.Over half the DBI persons were underdeveloped when the crimes took place. The brain science supports the argument that DBI is not justified even under the most punitive systems because, those convicted are not irredeemable, and many never killed anyone. I won’t stress the legal arguments that justify immediate parole if not release for some. There are men and women who should not serve another second in jail.But until the persons who control are able to love human beings regardless of status in life or skin color, we are not able to apply justice and fairness.

With Love and faith Karim


One of the key components for slavery and after slavery was divide and. conqueror. The first step in justifying slavery was constructing a lie about skin color. It was established by the Rulers and the educated men, that African people were inferior to European people. They used the term the blacks were cursed by God to serve whites. This was made a universal belief system: It was the law in this world of humans.

The Civil War was not fought because of moral reasons. The Southerners wanted to expand slavery to the Western and other states. America fought war against Mexico. Mexico was defeated and lost Texas, California, Arizona. The North did not want to expand slavery, because it would not economically serve the entire nation, and it would cause more poor European men from getting jobs. Slavery ruins the economic future of all labor. Italians, Irish and all other groups would continue to suffer poverty, if slaves were spread across the land. The divide and conqueror systems created the worse race riots in America. The perception that black’s coming up north for jobs, caused violent outrage from the European labor force in New York, Chicago and other major cities.

The United States Government decided to fight a civil war. After the war not only did black soldiers gain their freedom, but soon after the African slaves were Freed under the Constitutional Amendments. The South was still able to maintain slavery through the 13 the Amendment.

Some historians believe the Civil War, redeemed the European nation. America gave Africans the right to vote and eventually other citizen rights and privileges were granted. The evil hearts has taken more time and struggle.

Progress has been made. Great progress has been made in be very area of life in America. We are still struggling to make this a more perfect union for all Americans. Did America make efforts to change the inhumane conditions of former slaves? Yes.

America allowed itself to recognize what it had done. The ability to accept what they produced, permitted the nation to begin the long journey of Redemption. Many European men and women made it their life mission to repent and try to redeem what their forefathers had done. A honest person would admit, European citizens benefitted from slavery in many ways. Slavery allowed capitalism to grow, expand, which created more and more economic opportunities for what was termed white people. American rulers, after protest, court action, and Klu Klux Klan actions, forced the government to start putting force behind the amendments and rights of black people. Today, nobody can say America has not made great progress in redeeming America from the curse of slavery which deprived people of color of a place among the nations of the world. For the most part, African Americans have accepted and benefitted from Americas journeys of redemptions. It is still making efforts to solve some of the viruses left from the tines of legal, economical and social oppression.

The journey of American Redemption, has served the needs of the entire nation. Redemption heals all of us. It frees the redeemer and the one who was the object of the harm. America became a better nation morally, spiritually and economically because of the COURAGE to REDEEM ITS HISTORY BUT ABOVE ALL THE REDEMPTION of the HEART. It reached deep into the very soul of America that President was elected who was a man of African and European parents and grandparents. America is using all forms of ways to continue the journey of REDEMPTION.

IT IS TIME that Pennsylvania continues the nation’s history of changing, healing, and redeeming itself from mistakes, crimes and sins of the past. If we can walk the journey of a national redemption that has been going on since the civil war, there is no reason why Pennsylvania lacks courage to allow Pennsylvania Lifers to be present each lifer for parole review on a case by case basis. Human beings the character of the Country they live in. Redemption is America. America has made amends, reparations given to some, and land to others. America has also has a history of doing business with nations they were at war with. America. now does business with Vietnam, after killing over 3 million Vietnamese citizens. America now does serious business. Somebody is redeeming history and moving forward. America is now preparing to do business with Korea whom millions were killed in that war. Remember mostly women and children were murdered by American bombs and gas. America and these nations have moved on, forgave one another, and progress is being embraced. This is the highest form of redemption expressed by nations.

Pennsylvania must gather the courage to allow the 5500 Lifers to step into the light and be accepted into the human community and take on the character of a person who has redeemed themselves as worthy enough to exist in society as a safe, loving, trustworthy citizen. This proposition can only be taken when the discourse is put into a historical character, that defines the argument that women and men are images of their society, and if America can redeem itself, there is no justification to continue operate a system that rejects redemption from human beings who have been enlightened.

Charles Karim since 1976, 42 years

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