Darrick U. Hall


My name is Darrick U. Hall and I am 47 years old; I am Jewish; I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; I have been incarcerated for 25 years; I have been serving a Death By Incarceration sentence since March 9, 2018, before then I was housed in solitary confinement for more than 24 years as a Death Row inmate; I am a father of two daughters, my youngest is a school teacher, and my eldest is a psychotherapist for autistic children and their families.

My Family:


“Stolen Memories”

When we were transferred from SCI Graterford to SCI Phoenix some of my photos were thrown out/misplaced/destroyed by the DOC Staff. Among those items was my father’s obituary bookmark which was a laminated keepsake. The DOC gave me exactly $20 for it. After my property was violated and then I was thoroughly insulted with $20 as compensation for something that had so much sentimental value, I decided that I was not going to allow that to happen again. I decided that I would rather not have anything near and dear to my heart in my possession again. So, I arranged to have ALL of my photos, obituaries and other sentimental items mailed out and stored somewhere safe. As directed by the Property Room Supervisor, Sgt. Curran, I delivered a Record Center Box containing over 2000 photos, obituaries and other sentimental items to the Property Room. I submitted a completed cash slip as instructed for the cost of First Class US Postage. I was charged $13.50 for this service. Yet somehow the staff at SCI Phoenix managed to lose my Record Center Box; failed to procure a tracking number for me; and managed to charge me for a service that was not rendered. My remaining memories were thrown out again. What will be the price SCI Phoenix put on an entire Record Center Box of Stolen Memories???

 Darrick U. Hall 25 served, 1993

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