Meet our Members

Our R2R Members have served a total of 492 years combined in prison.


3   Terrell                                                                     

EPSON MFP image   Lawrence Saalih                      

Saadiq  Donnell Saadiq                                             

3 Sarita

Phill 1  Felix “Phil”                       

Verne 1 Vern                             

Heather001 Heather

George Trudel   George


Karim003  Charles Karim


Kareem Sampson Kareem Sampson

CharlieCharles Bassett 

Thomas SchlickThomas Schilk

Rose Dinkins Rose Dinkins

EPSON MFP imageArthur “Art” Wyche

Nkeshi 2Clinton”Nkechi”Walker

42708171_323182361819686_7639625163104845824_nDarrick U. Hall

43717918_333375944133871_9180686289635115008_nDom Barber

Andre Martin

Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshal

John Moore

Robert Saleem Holbrook

John Moore

Kenneth Holmes

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