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Apparently I have two of them. At least that’s what the PA courts told me, two life sentences! I’m not truly from your great Commonwealth. I was living in North Carolina for over five years, when I was brought back up here.

I won’t go into much detail, as we went public on March 5 on Investigate Discovery. It replays often, it is on YouTube, iTunes, reddit, and Twitter, along with ID’s web, my own, and an authors Facebook (Tommy Mac). Please feel free to view it, Murder in Lehigh is what it’s called. To put it short- we called the DA out for literally framing me. To say the least, we have started a war in a county, in PA. But, I’ve done 20 years for a crime I did not do, so war we will. I am leaving April 2017, a judge ruled us “Time banned.” Famous words of the PA courts. My lawyer raised the innocence claim.

My reason for telling it was personal, and not just personal. God has made this case not just about me. Attention is being brought to “time ban.” Many have emailed/wrote me, or debated it on social media, a time limit can keep an innocent person in jail. Pennsylvania residents are blinded. They don’t know life means life here, that we are to become lawyers in months (real lawyers taking years) or being time banned from justice, or how many people are doing life in PA. A cop, retired, has become involved in my case. He was ruled “hearsay” (another wording the public doesn’t get), but has visited as he awaits our appeal. He didn’t know how many, how young and old lifers are, or how one got time banned from a hearing with a cops affidavit and an FBI’s DNA lab report! And, he’s the law! There has to be a way to get to the public to know how much bullshit they are being fed, to keep them “safe.” They do not know about this I would business they are paying for.

My other advocate is a PA true crime author. She was a victims advocate! Not now. Look up on Facebook, Tammy Mal.

We need help, I won’t lie. We need as much public pressure as we can get. Any help there, week, I would appreciate. My lawyer is one person, a small-town guy. He needs help, wants help. But he is on for the long-haul and mad as hell! Any help pushing this case that you, CADBI, can do, please let us know. In turn, after you view the show, and read the comments being posted, I can assure you, once overturned, I will be sure to have my NBC producer friends to get another story, on LIFE in PA. It has to change.

Thanks for listening!

Patricia Rorrer

Trying to come up with the right words. The ones that will want you to show compassion. The ones that will prove that the females should get a chance to prove themselves as respectable, loving, and law-abiding citizens. We want everyone to realize females are dealing with gender and justice daily. Our system is very obvious that males rule. We are only asking for a fair playing ground. The peers when females make mistakes, they are held harder by our judicial system. That males are for some reason allowed to make mistakes. Females are not supposed to commit crimes.

A large number of these female lifers have never been in trouble before this incarceration. Some were on drugs, no excuse, some were protecting their family. They felt there was no option left. And the final one was the hardest. They are the ones were wrongfully convicted. Such as in my case. Females are not raised to be fighters. But, they will fight tooth and nail to protect her kids and husband. Yet, if you put them in a situation where they have to fight for themselves, they can’t do the long haul of the battle. Then after several denials and seeing females who go for commutation being denied. They get no outside help from organization, lawyers, and colleges. It’s hard for them to handle disappointment over and over. Our judicial system has been blatantly concerning gender bias. Against females. Which keeps females at bay.

Since 1991, only two females have been commuted. That’s 28 years which means one female every 14 years. So why would they fight.

In 2002 Phyllis Kraut was denied at hearing. In 2004 Phyllis Kraut was denied hearing.

In 2004 Phoebe Tomet was denied at hearing.

This is all the females I’ve been able to locate from 1998 to present. The legal system itself has stopped females dead in their tracks with all the attempts.

These are the numbers since 1987 (committed):

281 heard by board (2 female)

130 were recommended

35 commuted.

These numbers are proof that males are considered and females are not considered sound serious buyers. How is this not gender genocide? Political. You’re not even giving females a chance to prove how much change has occurred, we’ll live productive lives as good citizens. So many deserve a second chance. Based on their work, unit, and school reports. Some lifers have even gotten the lowest level possible as a lifer. Based on their actions, trust me. And don’t get me wrong. Some female should never go home.

I was convicted on the weakest circumstantial evidence possible. If a male was being accused of murder based on this evidence they would have been offered a deal to a lesser crime. Because, with each appeal it became very apparent how bad the states case against me was and how bad of a job my own lawyer did for me. Even the judge at my PC or a hearing on page 130 had stated:

“The Commonwealth had no evidence. And they are not arguing so” but, still he denied my appeal.

If organizations, colleges or lawyers were to learn that a male, especially if he was black, was wrongfully convicted. They would be knocking down his door to help him. How many times have you seen the newspapers or on TV about a male (black or white) being vindicated. Walking into his family‘s arms? Now how many females have you seen in the news being vindicated? Under two that I know of in the last 20 years. I was praying I would have been one to be on the news. Your answer to the question also proves gender genocide by our own judicial system. And other programs that help the wrongfully convicted. Only good if your male. All we want is an equal playing field. So when will females be free? (Commuted or paroled). We need as much help with the HB 135 as possible. This bill needs to be passed. Once passed, hopefully then females will finally get the same chance to finally walk free as males. Someone should do some kind of survey of males and females being convicted of the same crime. And why did the female get a worse sentence than the males. Why are males offered more deals? Think about how much the state will save if they would either parole or commute females over 50 years and 15 years incarcerated. They could save enough and use the money towards educating today’s lads about crime and punishment. End so many future incarceration.

Finally, I want to thank all the brothers in the male prisons who realize the gender bias and want to help females to finally go home. Thanks for caring, your compassion for wanting to help change the injustice that is happening in our legal system to females is kind.

Keep praying for us.


Jean Saxorl

We’re a society of hypocrites. Images of violence, sex, and vigilante justice are glamorized and received by our citizens as “normal.” Actors, musicians, and politicians help propagate these images, and at times, are rewarded for their portrayals of these acts with million dollar paydays, high social status, and veneration. More importantly, no one asks the question of how we’ve gotten here. As a society, we’ve become numb to our humanity. Historically, we resemble Roman citizens thirsting for blood in the Coliseum. Sadly, we take pride in it. Our children are socialized in an environment full of violence–both real and theatrical. As adults we cannot explain to our youth life isn’t supposed to be like this because we do not believe it to be true. We’ve come to accept this “reality” forced upon us by those who profit from it and use it to maintain control.

Hitler said it’s easier to control the masses than one person. So we’re conditioned into believing life is supposed to be full of violence, revenge, and individualism; content with suffering, unhappiness, and despair. We all suffer. We produce people that have mental illnesses and then punish them for it. How can anyone expect to be mentally health living in these conditions? Even more disgusting, these people become commodities and are used for profit and material for political skits called campaigns. The media plays their corporate role and propagates fear by using images of Blacks or Hispanics committing crime to further deceive us into believing that any one of them are going to break into our homes at any second and kill us.

Unfortunately, we respond with a resounding yes to the deceiving question– do we need to be tougher on these people? These people being the same youth we’ve corrupted. Any research on criminality shows that crime is predominantly committed by our younger segment of society. this isn’t a new phenomenon. What is is phenomenal is the manner we’ve been persuaded into dealing with our children. For years, we’ve been incarcerating our young with life sentences; never considering the consequences, never considering the reasons. We’re told this is what’s best for our society, yet nothing has changed. If we believe the media, then things have ONLY GOTTEN WORSE.

In the midst of all the madness, some of these youth have grown into men with understanding, skills, and a determination to help change what’s wrong, all while incarcerated. However, because of our indoctrination, they’re not considered part of the solution. These men’s sentences do not apply anymore–they can be called over-term offenders–instead of violent or long-term offenders. They haven’t committed a crime in 20, 30 and in some cases, over 40 years in spite of living in violent environments. To my surprise, there are many men and women under parole supervision for past murders who have never committed a crime again. Research shows that this class of offenders simply do not come back to prison for new crimes. The recidivism rate is so low it’s practically non-existent. Surprisingly, the media doesn’t share this news with us nor the amount of tax-payer money wasted on keeping these people behind bars. I’m not a rocket scientist, but who better to help our youth except those who lived that lifestyle. I wouldn’t want a plumber performing open-heart surgery on one of my loved ones. Parole for a life sentenced person that’s transformed and ready to give back to society isn’t foolish. Foolish is believing people don’t change. If everyone deserves a second chance, then why not people who have a better track record than some of our politicians? George Bush got a second chance, need I say more?

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