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We are families and friends of incarcerated loved ones, professionals who work closely with people in PA prisons and concerned citizens who care about human rights. On September 5th Department of Corrections Secretary Wetzel and Governor Wolf announced new punitive protocols that will further punish, restrict and control people incarcerated in PA prisons. Governor Wolf and the Department of Corrections want to censor and restrict books, increase surveillance of prisoners mail, violate attorney-client privilege and institute cruel, restrictive visiting room policies which violate the American Disabilities Act. Join us in demanding that Governor Wolf and the PA Department of Corrections cancel these policies immediately and respect the rights of incarcerated people, their families and the people who work with them.


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PLEASE SUPPORT SENATE BILL SB942 Introduced by Senator Sharif Street and House Bill HB135- Introduced by Pennsylvania House of Representative, Jason Dawkins. Below, Senator Sharif Street and State Rep. Dawkins explain what passing SB942 and HB135 would do for the rehabilitated inmate serving life, as well as our community as taxpayers…..

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