Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I still remember the day when we first moved on Loudon st. You had recently graduated from Temple and you were now leaving the nest… When we got all the furniture in the apartment, you looked around and said “It’s just me and you now Don.” And that has never changed! We have and continue to persevere through the good and bad that life brings, you have been there for me when I was at my best and are still here when I’m at my worst… I know the last 44 years have not been easy…I want you to know that I appreciate you for all that you are and have been… And although at times I may have seemed ungrateful for all of your sacrifices to make sure that we always had a roof over our heads complete with lights, heat, and food in the fridge…Thank you so much for never turning your back on me and for always being my Mommy!!!!

“I Love You Chandra Palmer…It’s still just me and you Mom.” HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY️🍷💐🌹💐🌹



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY wishes to those who are mothers of CADBI.


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Sometime, when I think of my mother, not only do I smile openly but I feel her very presence and a flood of memories come over me.Memories are more than thoughts of the mind.The senses we have speak to the spiritual aspect of our mental abilities. Something is so special about the Mothers who birthed us and gave us the foundation of Love.

One of my delicate and warm thoughts of mother’s. day, is how important it is a child can help his mother.

I use to wonder why my Mom would always have me help her clean our marble floors. Of all the seven children once a month we would clean the floors and wax the living room and kitchen floor. She would put all the kids out except me.I would ask her why me.Son, your the smallest and you r little fingers are able to wax behind the t.v, under the tables and your the only one sings songs with me while the radio is on. I felt so special and loved. I learned from my mother that all little sons should help their mother around the house. Mother’s day represents the love and harmony a child and mother have. Mother’s are our first example of love and how work emboldened with can bring harmony and true joy to the world.My Mother represents even today, a human being who had the answers to life even without speaking a single word, but simply, her gaze and smile.

Mother balances the home, with love, work and discipline.She can not be replaced.A Mother is so pure, nothing will never penetrate her immeasurable place in She is the Divine Creation and her love is infinite.

Time, space, change has no affect upon her place in creation.Mothers day means to me, that Allah is giving man, another day to redeem himself.

Happy Mothers Day to all you women both young and old and please remember, you and only you are the root of Salvation in this society and the world. Happy Mothers.

Peace and Love



“She’s a cryer. She’s real emotional.”

That’s what my father said. His statements didn’t have any disparaging intent. He was just trying to say that she “wears her heart on her sleeve.” It’s not a bad thing, and he wasn’t speaking on it as such.

Crying. People have always used the cliché “you’re crying for nothing.” Crying is NEVER for nothing. Crying can be an emotional response to fear, happiness, pain, tumult, etc.; but it surely doesn’t come from nothing.

Crying always has a provocateur.


She chastised me for stealing, and I ran next door to the insurance company, embarrassing her in front of a company full of white professionals like she was an abusive mother.

She had to take me back to school MULTIPLE TIMES because of disciplinary infractions and hookying from school.

I lay drunk and passed out on my friend’s porch and she tried to awaken me.

I got my jaw broke after getting ganged up on out in the streets.

The day I got locked up, some officers brought me out of her basement with handcuffs on, while other officers had their guns trained on her and my sisters.

The first day after I got locked up, she visited me in jail—her first time ever in a prison.

I got beat down by the guards in Holmesburg Prison, and she visited me and saw what looked like the Elephant Man behind the plexiglass.

A box from the State Correctional Institution Graterford was delivered to her house with the set of “street clothes” that she had last seen me in, giving her the scary impression that her son had passed on and the State was sending her my effects.

She came to visit me one morning, earlier than usual, and saw a civilian woman tell a guard, “I’m not here to visit. I’m coming to pick up my son.” Then, as she descended the visiting room stairs to see me, she saw about 8 men appear in the lobby with their packed boxes, ready to go home.

One day on a visit, she wondered aloud, “Where did I go wrong with you?” blaming herself for my transgressions.

​She cried in response to each one of these incidents. I don’t know what the buoying emotion was, but I can gather that none of these incidents incited glee or happiness.

In rebuttal to these negative memories, someone once asked me, “Well, how many times have you made her proud? Did you think of that?”

To me, that doesn’t matter. ‘Cause I NEVER, EVER wanted to make my mother cry! How could I make her wonder “Where did I go wrong with you?”


To all the mothers, thank you for loving us so, even when we’re at our worst.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!


“No greater love than in the heart of an activist mom.”

-Terrell Carter

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“I celebrate all mother they are the unsung heroes of our generation. They are selfless giving so much of their selves with a lifetime of sacrifice. Raising boys to be men and girls to become young Ladies and one day to continue the cycle of motherhood. There work never complete it is with our mothers in which we develop our personalities and character traits.”



M is for magnificent for her stature that magnifies

O is for the original for she is pristine and one of a kind

T is for touch for her connection that stimulates with love and uplifts

H is for heaven for only God could have made her womb robust and strong-filled with life-givenpower

E is for enormous for her heart distributes love that protects fiercely lioness

R is for rejuvenate as her arms are open wide with forgiveness, with acceptance ready to receive, restore, and replenish, no matter the hurt or pain.



Dedication to my mother. 

Felix Phil Rosado

Phils Mom