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Right 2 Redemption, a Coalition of Men and Women who are serving Death By Incarceration/Life Without Parole from around the state of Pennsylvania, has partnered with Concerned Citizens, Businesses, and Grassroots Organizations, as well as Anti-Violence Groups, to help the survivors of those who unfortunately lost their lives to violence in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection…

The Members of R2R from around the state have donated a portion of their monthly earnings for the purpose of helping these unfortunate families pay for funeral costs.

Most of us have been incarcerated for at least 20years, and a few as much as 50years. We have had several months of discussions about what we can do as a collective to somehow help the City (for many of us our City) change the culture of crime in Philly.

Due to our incarceration, we cannot Meet, March, or simply be a Presence in the neighborhoods we once harmed. Over the last 2 years we have read, watched, and heard about the current rise in homicides. During our discussions, we were told about Families having trouble paying for the funerals for their loved ones, which could range from a couple of thousand of dollars to several thousand dollars.

We are offering up to $300 to families who are in need of assistance and who have lost loved ones since March 12, 2022.

Currently we are prepared to help at least 24 families, but if needed, fund-raising efforts will continue. We hope and pray that the violence will stop and we can then channel our efforts to saving our youth from forever carrying the the weight of taking a Life.

If you’re Family is in need of assistance please contact us at:

Right2Redemption Community Bereavement Fund #570-445-8699

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In Community,

D.Saadiq Palmer