Felix (Phil) Rosado and Terrell (Rell) Woolfolk-Carter, WELCOME HOME!!!!! Phil and Rell will be released on Monday, as well as Leroy Cotton and Jimmy Jackson. Congratulations to all four of you, especially Rell and Phill, who are both co-founding members of R2R and CADBI. Love you both!

Chairman Terrell “Rell” Carter

Co-Chairman D. Saadiq Palmer

Secretary Vernon Robinson

Sergeant of Arms Arthur “Art” Wyche

Members: Kempis “Ghani” Songster, Felix “Phill” Rosado, Charles “Karim” Diggs, Lawrence “Saalih” Rhoads, David “Wavy” Sheppard, Kareem Sampson, Robert LaBarr, Charles BassettSarita MillerRose Dinkins, George Trudel, Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall, Thomas Schilk, Andre Martin, Clinton”Nkechi”Walker, Darrick U. HallHeather LavelleRobert Saleem Holbrook, Kenneth Holmes, Dom Barber, Rose Boyd-Tolver, Tyree Wallace, Rodney Shaheed Derrickson, John “YahYa” Moore, Mark Williams, Scott Harmon, Andre Austin, Sylvia Boykin, Darla Carrington, Brian Charles, Robert Pezzeca, Patricia Rorrer, Damytell “Aminu” Vaughtner, Jose Lopez

Affiliate Organizations:

Parole Illinois