Social Distancing Pt. II

On September 1 2021, I reflected on how it is impossible to Social Distance in Prison.  Since then at least … More

Social Distancing

by Donny Saadiq From the Paper Dragon, Issue One Fall 2020 R&R: Recovery & Resilience The first time I heard … More

I Wonder…

I wonder, I wonder if somebody would have asked me, “Did I think I would ever do time in Jail … More

Blue Sea

What’s up sonI see you but you don’t see me.Damn my bad,this ain’t about me seeing you or you seeing … More


Life! Life without the possibility of parole…This is our sentence, this is our punishment.It doesn’t matter how old you are … More

The Move

by Donnell Saadiq Palmer “Lockdown” Wednesday 9:15am. “Yo this must be a drill?” Ya think? Naw man they about to … More