Larry Krasner

by Saadiq Carlos Vega, former Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, has thrown his hat into the arena to run against … More

Color Blind

Think blue! What if I am colored blind, and what if division is the catalyst to keep to many disenfranchised. … More


Blood in my eyes. There is blood in my eyes. Somebody please get me a tissue to wipe the blood … More


I learned that an evil cold dead man’s arms has more love then this system. A statement conveyed with as … More


Progression: the act or instance of progressing, a succession, a series, a sequence of numbers related by some rule…no! Progression… … More

Reform is Redemption

If we help people to see that reform and redemption are one in the same, it would open the idea … More


~From the inside of These Walls, I’ve learned a lot about ME… So much was missing from My Life because … More


Comment from R2R Member Matthew I would like to add this statement for the young men, and these horrific homicides.  … More

Proclamation to My People

by Sarita Miller Right to be redeemed, right to be delivered, restored, rescued, second chances for those who deprive and … More