In Memory of Antwon Rose

by Sarita Miller

This is my writing regarding my feelings about all the nonsense and ignorance going on in the world.

This is my thoughts on the killings of our young African youths and the monstrous attacks against minorities.

Should we really be surprised at the offensive, detestable, and malevolent aversion that humankind has toward one another.

Rampage blue in the face savagery filled with depraved points of view and delusions of Gods and grandeur.

White supremacist domination, mastery, and control. In the color line of intolerance, the plague of violence and hatred in Jim Crow’s America.

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

Land of the Free?

A country forced upon stolen black backs for the eradication of Native Blood, should we really be surprised, as we speak out, marching military-style standing strong, heart broken and heavy, from witnessing genocide extinction of our precious male African seeds.

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