LOVE must be the dominant and driving force in our criminal justice system. Justice requires compassion and love only demands that the people in the system, treat and administer fairness the way they would want to see their friends and family treated.This core requirement is the foundation of Love.This type of cultural mindset is needed. The war on people is the very disease that has contributed to recidivism and seven or more suicides in the last two months.The absence of Love and compassion in the systems have developed a prison nation, empty of dignity and reform. Instead of using the ancient concept of punishment. deterrence,incapacitation, we ought to create a new formula .The new structural firm should be, repentance, forgiveness, planning, returning to society a new person, but one who has truly shown a redemptive character. Spring has always caused me to remember childhood. Cleaning the home with my Mother and three brothers and three sisters. I tried to get away and be with all my little friends. I could hear them playing baseball or chasing each other on our sticks which were make beliefs horses. But, most important part of springtime is everyone had to clean our rooms, and bring out our lighter clothes and wrap our winter coats away in plastic. The hard work was waxing the floors. I would always get the hard part.They said, I was the smallest and it was easy for me to get under the kitchen table and all the other places behind the t.v., and corners. It was fun helping my mother clean the houses.I saw it necessary to help her, especially when the waxing floors and wiping down the walls. There were some spring occasions when we would paint all the rooms, and my Dad would supervise the operation. My sisters would argue with me about what colors to use. I would always pick sky blue and they wanted yellow and this bright pink. We never agreed on colors. After all the work was done we would sit on our back lawn, and have lemonade. I see my Mom’s pretty face and the smell of her love affects me today in my spring romance. Yes spring is always a Romance and a joy to me. I guess you can understand spring time will always be with us, just as the thought of our Mothers will forever remain my life time pillar of faith, warmth a product of her love. Today with all life’s struggles and defeats, wins and joys, nothing has yet, come forth to create that special joy called Springtime. My Mom passed a while back. I think of her so often. I even smell her Ivory soap aroma. She always was warm and loving. My two younger sister made me sick, they were always under my Mom in my way. When we jump in the bed they were always next to her in my way. I had a good bonding with my Mom. She said, I was her only child that was able to make a dead soul come alive, and that I was born to love. I miss her.

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