National Redemption

Are people serving DBI not entitled to the Universal DNA that human nature is to forgive, change and mature?

I believe a powerful presentation to the Pennsylvania State Government demanding a fair and just consideration of whether a large prison population should die in prison, a thorough study of American history, may reveal, it has always in some form redeemed itself from its violent history and extermination of many populations.

From the time Europeans began coming to this land and then using slavery to develop America, there has been extreme violence and extermination of human beings. While America grew different types of people had to exist together, if capitalism was expected thrive. Eliminating the Indian presence and resistance became the will of the leaders. Slavery was never considered a horrible sentence of death for the Africans. Mexico wars, first, Second world wars, and Korean war reveals a very violent group of men. But, throughout the centuries, America and other nations after being bitter enemies, have reconciled differences and historical hostility.

In the history of slavery, America has redeemed itself through the civil war. Welfare, food stamps, job training, affirmative active, some believe was some of the ways to redeem itself from unjust oppression and dehumanization upon the African American people. Dropping the nuclear bomb on Japan, some believed reconstruction in Japan, was part of redeeming America’s humanity back. Vietnam. was a brutal war where 3 Million Vietnamese died for their freedom from American colonialism. Today America is doing trade where the Vietnamese people are thriving and free. This is part of America’s long history of trying to redeem itself from a past that has caused the heavens to weep.

My proposition is that each and every person should be before a parole board, not a kangaroo board, to review their application to return to society. This position is based on a universal part in that all persons can mature, change, and have great potential to contribute to the good of society.

This innate nature of human beings, known as prisoners, are not exempt from this natural element of creation.

If there is any chance of substantial change in Pennsylvania or the nation, relating to DBI we better change our narrative and framing why we should be included in the religious, political, moral compass that has been applied from the beginning of human existence on earth.

Today we have fallen into the trap of remaining in the graveyard of victimization. Victimization is a permanent, death. In every area of therapy, psychology and law, there is a time that healing takes place, and a person moves on with life. If the person is always brought back into the trauma, they never heal. This nation at least has made great efforts in redeeming itself from atrocities they committed against innocent nations and people, and America for the most part have redeemed itself.

We believe 5500 DBI PERSONS deserve a parole review that is established to return the missing women and men back to their families and communities. We need a platform or a group of members to present our position to the state government forcefully and making compelling arguments. Pleading for victims does not make our arguments.It does not show that some DBI are innocent, others do not have any malice in the crime and had no intent for violence, and others were to immature, intoxicated to perform premeditated murder.There are others who are reformed and resurrected from ignorance. Our case illustration is to show, people don’t belong in prison anyway. The case narrative reveal a unfair unjust system. If we fail to highlight injustices, most people in government believe we have received our just results= DBI. Remember we are not talking with normal people. Politicians are not normal. Remember that. Only weak people do not forgive, strong human beings forgive.

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