How Does Parole Eligibility Promote Safety in Pennsylvania

How does parole eligibility for people serving DBI promote safety or reduce crime in Pa. This subject so repetitious, yet so important because it drives the point home to why we should be given a chance at freedom. But why must we be put into these categories as if civilians should be given the right to own pit bulls. We should not concentrate too much on the crime but instead on the rehabilitation that a person has been thru in one’s years of incarceration. Whether or not letting life serving people out of jail will benefit society or not is such a hypothetical question and almost impossible to ponder upon, because each individual has their own, agenda and focus. Of course I feel the majority of civilians serving life have a wealth of guidance to offer and counsel that is priceless. YES without a doubt our real life experiences can absolutely scared straight those who are on the wrong path. PRISON is REAL!!!!! Will everyone who is blessed to get a second chance be on a crusade to fight crime and defeat incarceration? “REALISTICALLY NO” For isn’t it in human nature to have flaws and make mistakes. But the real food for thought here is how inhumane it is to keep a person who has redeemed themselves from their past, to be kept locked away for decades without a single glimpse of light in their situation because of Death by Incarceration. Or will it only come into effect when life sentences spill out into society and start to touch those who have elevated themselves above life’s traumas? Almost like the heroin surge that is no longer a inner city, under privilege, minority, poor persons problem. God willing once the law is changed then singularity, those who have worked hard and sincerely will be given a chance to prove themselves fit for society or that society would be fit for them!!!!

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