When I Get Home…

WHEN I GET HOME I WILL Wow where do I start a woman incarcerated for over a decade. I figure there are so many others in my position who have a wish list, bucket list of things we would like to do. Getting involved in, being apart of and just accomplishing things. I want to first and foremost join a good church as a Christian that is the basis of my sobriety. I cannot contribute anything to anyone if I’m not on a straight path. Reunification with my family and starting over but never forgetting the lose of life its insane to think that it took for someone to lose their life unnecessarily in order for me to realize how fuck up I was. And for that I owe it to others to share my life in hopes that thru God it can save someone. Someone said to me why can’t you just come and re invent yourself and move on? How can I act like this never happened and move on acting as if this was some nightmare that I just awoke from. No I could never forget therefore in helping others in turn I’m helping myself to move forward.

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