In 2012, I was 20 years old. It took 17 short days for someone to release my inner idiot. I was born, “Ashley,” but I go by Dominic, I am a transmale inmate serving Death by Incarceration. I had no prior record, did not actually kill anyone, and am expected to never get a 2nd chance. I made the mistake many young people do, trust their first love. I’ve spent nearly 7 years wishing, praying, I’d never met her, should have stayed in college, I could have stopped all of this, before it ever happened. I would easily trade my life for my victim to come back. I am haunted by the conversations I’ve had with her in my mind; I never meant for this to happen. They say you control your own destiny, now the “you” is a place called corrections, that’s never “corrected” anyone. They didn’t even allow me to see my mother before she passed, the only real love I ever knew. For her, for the truth, I will never stop fighting this sentence, never let them get what they want out of me, I will not submit. I am currently on a PCRA that’s at Superior Court, base on my 1st attorney’s coercion of getting me to sign a plea to life, a month before trial, and 2 weeks after my co-defendant singed one. No one in their right minds signs away their life.

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