Rain, rain, go away.

Don’t bring me this reflection again, today.

Razor wire towering high,

Electric fences trick me to try.

Top of the hill morning crying,

It’s the reform I’m not buying.

Chestnut to grey in a blink,

Now my shoulders slink.

Rain, rain, remind me,

What’s left in the past behind me.

Who I used to be, took a chance to believe,

Let lies lead and cut the rope thrown to me.

Puddles subtly kill me deep within,

Strain to breath again, pouring.

Must not be worth it,

Not a letter, no love, fated to sit.

Rain, rain, I see now.

Here to wash away the dreams,

To fill in the holes, chase away the ghouls.

Rain, rain, rain,

Go away!

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