Stolen Memories

by Darrick U. Hall

When we were transferred from SCI Graterford to SCI Phoenix some of my photos were thrown out/misplaced/destroyed by the DOC Staff. Among those items was my father’s obituary bookmark which was a laminated keepsake. The DOC gave me exactly $20 for it. After my property was violated and then I was thoroughly insulted with $20 as compensation for something that had so much sentimental value, I decided that I was not going to allow that to happen again. I decided that I would rather not have anything near and dear to my heart in my possession again. So, I arranged to have ALL of my photos, obituaries and other sentimental items mailed out and stored somewhere safe. As directed by the Property Room Supervisor, Sgt. Curran, I delivered a Record Center Box containing over 2000 photos, obituaries and other sentimental items to the Property Room. I submitted a completed cash slip as instructed for the cost of First Class US Postage. I was charged $13.50 for this service. Yet somehow the staff at SCI Phoenix managed to lose my Record Center Box; failed to procure a tracking number for me; and managed to charge me for a service that was not rendered. My remaining memories were thrown out again. What will be the price SCI Phoenix put on an entire Record Center Box of Stolen Memories???

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