Support Sylvia

I am filing for commutation again in February 2019 and I would like to know if there is a lawyer out there willing to help me with paperwork, I can raise money for a small fee, and is there anyone willing to help me financially or writing support letters for me? I have been here 27 years now on a life sentence, I was not the perpetrator of the crime, I was the driver of the car and lied on saying I was in charge I am 60 years old , my health is not good, sciatica nerve damage, herniated disc , high blood high cholesterol, arthritis all through my body, IBS, asthma, sinusitis, anxiety, depression, abdominal hernia and cataracts, living in pain daily. All three of my children is sick I need to go home to them. You can contact me by mail and send support letters at, Smart Communications/PA DOC, Sylvia Boykin OC3555, Muncy, P.O.Box 33028, St, Petersburg, FL 33733. or email me at Connect ,click on PA DOC and put in my name and number, to add money for my legal fund go to J-Pay. com click on add money, put in my number, then amount, then on email leave message for legal fund I would really appreciate any help

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