When I Come Home, I Will…

When I come home, I will work with and mentor at-risk youth in Chester, Pennsylvania. I will share my story of running the streets of Chester, and ultimately serving life in prison at just seventeen years old by going to schools, youth centers, and youth empowerment programs to offer the youth someone positive to emulate. This is important to me because I can remember when I was a kid I didn’t have any positive role models in my life growing up living in the Chester William Penn Projects. As a kid, I witnessed nothing but big time drug dealers selling drugs, partying, committing acts of violence and living fast lifestyles. I became what I saw! I will help at-risk youth reclaim their lives by showing them the importance of having a proper education, applying themselves, and having a job. I will teach them to become community leaders and not community destroyers! When I come home I will show the youth how building a community up with love, respect and compassion is the only way to achieve true greatness in life. When I come home I will also further my education by going to college, and work hard to receive a degree in behavioral science, and criminal justice. When I come home I will be the face for second chances!

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