Who is She?

Who is she? She is all that I am not, yet she is all that I am… She is the completion of my being, because of her I am a better man… She is all that I am seeing, So when I think it is thoughts of her… Cannot explain all that she is, For all that she is, is but a blur… The manifestation of a dream, lies in the unequaled beauty of my Queen…. Although her face I have never seen, her essence helps me perceive…. The face of a Goddess in her I see Gods design, She is an example of perfection that stands the test of time…. In me she seeks strength, so for her I stand strong, I’ve been smitten infatuated, and for her body, my body longs….. A physical connection, a visceral reaction, We are chemically bound now our spirits are overlapping……. This woman was made for me, as this man was made for her, I ask again who is she, yet who she is remains a blur…… She is allusive yet omnipresent, Amorphous at the same time statuesque….. A confluence of contradiction that puts my grip and understanding of sanity to the test……. Who is she, and what is her name? I feel as though I need her to breathe, She and I must become one in the same…… Intentionally she does not see that for her I bare my all, Yet she is judging my life, my every move, and she knows every flaw, Seldom is she found in courtrooms, prison yards, or city halls………. For twenty one years desperately I have pined, I have searched, I have fought for her, Because I know with her, my life, my future, my world would never be the same, She is a symbol, an ideal, she is a lady, And Justice is her name….. Lady Justice…….,…..

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