8/27/19 CADBI Germantown End Abusive DOC Policies Meeting

6-8 PM

The People’s Education Center on 5443 Germantown Ave. 

***CADBI Germantown End Abusive DOC Policies Meeting***

CADBI Germantown will be starting committee meetings around the impact the abusive and unjust new DOC policies have 

had on families and their loved ones on the inside. More importantly we will organize a response to these abusive policies.

Join us as we support each other and the inmates to end violations of their human rights, an affront to the humanity of us all.

How has the new PA DOC policies effected you ? 

Are you timed when greeting your love one with a kiss? 

Do you miss hot foods in the visiting rooms? 

Are you up to date of the proposed bills?

Bring a friend or family member with you!

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