6/29/18 William Smith’s Hearing

William Smith .. has been granted Board of Pardon’s reconsideration of his appeal for commutation, hearing to be held on June 29th in Harrisburg. “Smitty” is 76 years old, has been incarcerated on a DBI sentence for many decades suffering from severe chronic medical conditions. Having spent considerable time in Graterford’s infirmary, he recently has returned to general population where is health status is stable. A post card campaign has begun to support Smitty’s commutation. Along with CADBI, Smitty’s family and friends are also sending postcards of support. Smitty wrote much of what is said on the card. Please see the attached “post card”; you can print it as is and mail it in an envelope if that is easier. Please make sure to sign and date your card and include your name and address on the envelope

Address: PA Board of Pardons 333 Market Street, 15th Floor Harrisburg PA 17126

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