9/6/18 Nkechi’s Hearing

Clinton “Nkechi” Walker was sentenced to die in prison when he was only 17. Despite being forced to grow up behind the walls, Nkechi is an amazing poet, activist, mentor, and a dear friend to many of us. Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that established that mandatory Life Without Parole (also known as Death By Incarceration) is unconstitutional, Nkechi and 500+ other juvenile lifers in Pennsylvania are now being resentenced.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office offered Nkechi a deal of 25 to life, which he accepted. But the judge presiding over that phase of his resentencing arbitrarily and unfairly rejected the deal, forcing him to go to a contested resentencing, which will take place on September 6th. The judge in that resentencing hearing has an incredible amount of power. She will decide if and when Nkechi will ever have the opportunity to walk out of prison and rejoin a community of family and friends who dearly want him home.

In order to show the judge that Nkechi has community support — and show Nkechi we have his back! — we’re asking folks to join us in the courtroom for his resentencing hearing.

The hearing will take place at CJC, at 1301 Filbert Street in room 507 in front of Judge McDermott. Nkechi will be represented by lawyers and legal workers from Amistad Law Project and Abolitionist Law Center. We don’t have any way of knowing when, exactly, the resentencing will start — it could be as early as 9:30 or as late as noon. So if you can come right at 9:30 that’s ideal in case it’s early, but if you can’t drop by until later, still please come.

Want to support but can’t make it on Thursday? It’s not too late to donate to his legal defense fund at: Click here to Donate

Hope to see you in court. And many thanks to so many of you for the love and solidarity you’ve already shown Nkechi through this process.

Click here for more info

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