About Mark

My name is Mark Williams, I am 29 years old and have ten years in. I’m from Delaware County and I am serving a DBI sentence. I was convicted of first degree murder following a tragic loss of life, and ever since I’ve been building to become an even better man than I am today. Today I would describe myself as accountable, responsible, patient, conscious, and well balanced. Far from the misguided and troubled youth I had been when first arrested. Since entering the D.O.C. I’ve maintained a misconduct free record and steady employment. I’ve also recently received certificates for participating and completing the voluntary programs here at SCI-Phoenix, M.A.N.N. UP, and Alternatives To Violence which added to my already existing tools used to practice nonviolence. I have undergone, and I am undergoing a constant and consistent transformation. All in an effort of continued positive growth on my road to redemption.

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