Abolitionist Law Center

Abolitionist Law Center, our clients, and our supporters have made important strides in overturning laws aimed at censoring and silencing prisoners’ voices, in challenging decades-long solitary confinement, and in pushing for life-saving treatment for hepatitis C+ prisoners. Over the last few years, the Abolitionist Law Center has:

• Released a comprehensive report detailing how Pennsylvania is a world leader in death by incarceration sentencing and how we must change this reality

• Secured the release of MOVE members and political prisoners Debbie and Mike Africa after nearly forty years in prison.

• Challenged the new legal mail policies of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections that mandate photocopying all legal mail in violation of the right to confidential attorney-client communications

• Won the first court order in the country forcing prison officials to provide new hepatitis C medications in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and helped other clients get access to treatment

• Successfully fought against indefinite, long-term solitary confinement in several cases, and ended the solitary confinement of pregnant women in Allegheny County Jail Transforming this system and rolling back the mass incarceration state requires building mass popular movements. And people’s movements need movement lawyers. Please consider making a donation to our efforts today.

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