Patricia Rorrer’s Story

Apparently I have two of them. At least that’s what the PA courts told me, two life sentences! I’m not truly from your great Commonwealth. I was living in North Carolina for over five years, when I was brought back up here.

I won’t go into much detail, as we went public on March 5 on Investigate Discovery. It replays often, it is on YouTube, iTunes, reddit, and Twitter, along with ID’s web, my own, and an authors Facebook (Tommy Mac). Please feel free to view it, Murder in Lehigh is what it’s called. To put it short- we called the DA out for literally framing me. To say the least, we have started a war in a county, in PA. But, I’ve done 20 years for a crime I did not do, so war we will. I am leaving April 2017, a judge ruled us “Time banned.” Famous words of the PA courts. My lawyer raised the innocence claim.

My reason for telling it was personal, and not just personal. God has made this case not just about me. Attention is being brought to “time ban.” Many have emailed/wrote me, or debated it on social media, a time limit can keep an innocent person in jail. Pennsylvania residents are blinded. They don’t know life means life here, that we are to become lawyers in months (real lawyers taking years) or being time banned from justice, or how many people are doing life in PA. A cop, retired, has become involved in my case. He was ruled “hearsay” (another wording the public doesn’t get), but has visited as he awaits our appeal. He didn’t know how many, how young and old lifers are, or how one got time banned from a hearing with a cops affidavit and an FBI’s DNA lab report! And, he’s the law! There has to be a way to get to the public to know how much bullshit they are being fed, to keep them “safe.” They do not know about this I would business they are paying for.

My other advocate is a PA true crime author. She was a victims advocate! Not now. Look up on Facebook, Tammy Mal.

We need help, I won’t lie. We need as much public pressure as we can get. Any help there, week, I would appreciate. My lawyer is one person, a small-town guy. He needs help, wants help. But he is on for the long-haul and mad as hell! Any help pushing this case that you, CADBI, can do, please let us know. In turn, after you view the show, and read the comments being posted, I can assure you, once overturned, I will be sure to have my NBC producer friends to get another story, on LIFE in PA. It has to change.

Thanks for listening!

Patricia Rorrer

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