The Whole Truth

TWELVE CHILDREN were shot in St. Louis over the last two weeks. The mothers of the children were on TV, crying and literally begging St. Louis government to help them. Can we REDEEM our Moral Principles, and return the community back to a save place?

It is time The Whole Truth is told. Governments build prisons and punish violence with severe sentencing.

The respect for human life is born in the home, and the conduct of the parents. Sons must be taught the principles that all life is divine and nobody has the right to take another’s life. This right must be taught, defined throughput the childhood and teenage years, if we want results.

The leadership is not helping the people learn any new ways to address and solve the mystery of self destruction. There are more human beings dying in the communities of color then there is in wars across the planet. The leaders have no clue.

Reality should have set in by now. Our community leader and the family have no answer to the mostly young makes doing the violence. Leadership is powerless.

We are in need of a moral code, a system based on principles given to the child in early age. The violent communities did not start yesterday. The whole. truth is we have failed or we lack the understanding of community, family and history. It is the men who have the absolute responsibility to prepare their sons to maintain order and a special commitment to the sacredness of human Life. Adults should Redeem themselves by performing his duty in the society representing, instructing his children and others to dedicate themselves to Life instead of the worship of things, sports and violence. This is the leadership we need. Leadership guidance nor courage comes across the TV, as projected in St.Louis today ( august 29,2019 ( HLN) CABLE CHANNEL.

Another part of the whole truth is the community the safety of a child who shows great potential for higher education, is forced to leave because he or she could be subject to a bullet and an early death. A productive life gone in a flash of a misdirected bullet. Our best are leaving the community. Our rich, productive talent missing.. We are stuck with the old guard who have lead us nowhere.

The Whole truth includes courageous leaders and ideas! Redemption is sharing: knowledge is diamond and gold and platinum, mixed into a body of knowledge that you are more than able to understand. Pay attention to history of your own life, and family. You were given a life by the creator. You have been GIVEN mercy many times and help. So you must give mercy, and help to many others. Charity is your nature, giving your dedication to the children, family, community is necessary if we expect a safe place for human beings to be raised in. This is REDEMPTION TALK, WE ARE RETURNING OF THE MISSING MEN TALK, ARE REAL STREET TALK, AND WE ARE THE ELDERLY TALKING, FROM THE SOUL AND HEART OF MEN AND WOMEN! REDEMPTION IS MEN AND WOMEN RETURNING WITH LOVE AND VALUE TO HEAL WITHOUT VIOLENCE.

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