Scott Harmon

Hello my name is Scott Harmon. I am currently serving a DBI sentence at SCI Phoenix of which I have been incarcerated for 10 years. I would love for those that come across these words to know that I am beyond apologetic for all the senseless acts of violence which ended in the lost of precious lives at the hands of those serving DBI sentences such as myself. I am one of the thousands of humans whom were sentenced to die in prison for their commission/participation in the lost of life of another human. As a child I would ask the adults in my life why do good people suffer. Several years into this DBI sentence it was still a battle because I knew that a family had lost a loved one, a lost that no mother, father or child should have to experience. I still question myself because although I have grown and strive to become a better man and give this world the best of me, I now fully understand and appreciate life and living for all that it actually should be. I believe that those that know me would tell you that I am a “good person” so I constantly ask am I deserving of this DBI sentence? I now ask is any human deserving of a DBI sentence?

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