Sometimes I Wonder

All questions or statements made are with sincere remorse for all lives lost to the many senseless acts of violence.

I will never ever be able to put me and my feelings or concerns first, knowing that another human being lost their life for reasons that could have been handled in many different ways with a positive outcome. Through the years of my incarceration I have met many men (at least 50) whom are serving DBI sentences whom were at some point in time offered a plea deal for a lesser degree. Which ultimately meant a chance at showing that they aren’t their worst actions and having the opportunity at being a free human being once again. I have to say that most if not all the men I have met that I am speaking of are sincerely apologetic for their role in the lost of a life, because all life is precious. What I am having a difficult time understanding or believing is that a trial could start on a Monday and a defendant is offered a deal in a murder case for say 5-10 yrs or 10-20 yrs or 20-40 yrs or at worst 30-60 yrs. Now I understand that plea offers are made based off of many factors in a particular case. The question I struggle to find a reasonable or logical answer to is, if the trial ends on Friday and the defendant looses first degree or second degree , goes away to prison for lets say 25 yrs, why does the state claim this same man should now die in prison. They (the state) were willing to on (Monday) the first day of trial afford this same man who is now thought to be the worst type of human being possible a chance back into society then. So I ask myself what changed from Monday to Friday??? Can someone please help me understand this. I want to know and better understand why is it that the state believes those convicted of 1st/2nd degree murder don’t deserve a chance to show society that they aren’t the worst decision made or day lived. This thought cannot possibly be true being that a plea was offered but not accepted so is the life sentence actually punishment for not accepting the plea offer. To me its not about how much time was offered initially compared to how much time the prisoner has spent incarcerated. Its the idea that a human being is said to be incorrigible, when the very same institution that puts the idea out into society doesn’t believe that a human being is defined by their worst possible day or wrongdoing.

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