Black History Month

So while it is unfortunate that it is one of the most shortest months of the year, it still gives the opportunity for one to become aware/conscious of a subject that is more than often at times over looked by all ethnicities but more than often, overlooked by most younger African Americans who really have know real idea of what all was sacrificed for the plethora of things that so many commonly enjoy, waste & take for granted every single day…I remember hearing the rapper Game say in one of his lyrics ” I’d never drink from a freaking glass, I’d find the first water fountain & drink from it fast…” & so for some, drinking from a water fountain is something small or minuet, but if people truly understood the history of African Americans & the debasement, humiliation & disrespect that came with simply trying to get a drink of cool clean drinking water on a hot day, then so much appreciation & respect would be given to a past group of iconic sung & unsung heroes but it is memorable Months like Black History Month that despite its brevity in length, still allows for aware & conscious individuals such as us, or prolific groups & Movements like Cabi or right 2 redemption to bring awareness to such a forgotten or lost moment in time…so salutations to Cabi & right 2 redemption for shedding a light on this Epic Month …# To know thyself is to first know his-story

From Aminu

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