State, county and institutional demands


  1. Compassionate release: Immediate release of people who are elderly, who are terminally or chronically ill 
  2. Commutation: Accelerate and expedite the commutations process in all 50 states. Release viable candidates for commutation, those without infractions for the past 5 years, those who have proven positively impactful in their immediate and far reaching communities, those who have invested in their growth and development and education and those who pose a low threat to public safety
  3. Nonviolent offenses or 2nd and 3rd Degree: Release those who are incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses, who are incarcerated for violent crimes but have proven viable candidates for release
  4. Wrongful Convictions: release all wrongfully convicted, expedite investigation of Convictions integrity unit
  5. Excessive sentencing: release anyone who has been incarcerated longer than 20 years. 
  6. Anyone who can’t be released at this time in a single cell 

Source: The Justice Collaborative


  1. Release all people held on bail
  2. Release all people held on detainers
  3. Release all serving sentences in nonviolent cases. 
  4. Everyone else single cell. 
  5. Halt and decrease arrests
  6. Emphasize diversionary plans 
  7. Eliminate ICE arrests/detention

Source: Keisha Hudson Brooks


  1. Provide adequate supplies of soap and hand sanitizer (where allowed) to everyone in the prison and ensure that washable surfaces are disinfected;
  2. Screen staff, volunteers, and any other individuals to make sure they are not endangering the health of those who are incarcerated while encouraging them to stay home if feeling sick;
  3. If family visit bans last for more than a week, provide free phone calls and email access to people in prison; and
  4. Keep families aware of any outbreaks, developments, and planned lock-downs so that they know their loved ones are safe.
  5. Additional: Increase healthcare standards 
  6. Give access to soap and hand sanitizing 
  7. Increase the quality of food 
  8. Give access to meaningful mental health care during this time

Source: FAMM

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