6/7/2020 #FreePeopleStrike

As stated by the protest‘s organizers, “We rise up to protest the death of George Floyd, a man who was killed during an arrest for an alleged forged $20 check. We must do the same for the people in prisons who have been terrorized by state violence for years! Many of them are held behind bars for petty charges, technical violations, and wrongful convictions. Many are held for crimes of poverty such as what George Floyd was accused of. None of them deserve to die in prison because of the COVID-19 pandemic. THIS IS THE SAME FIGHT.”

News coverage:

The Philadelphia Inquirer – Peaceful, smaller protests take place across the region on Sunday; Rizzo mural is gone from the Italian Market

CBS3 Philly – Protesters Demand Release Of Inmates Vulnerable To Coronavirus Outside Eastern State Penitentiary

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