by Darrick U. Hall

“99.9% of Law Enforcement are good officers”, I keep hearing that statement. Let’s say that is an accurate statement, that means .1% (one tenth of a percent) are bad and corrupt officers. One tenth of a percent is infinitesimal compared to 99.9%, yet unjustifiable crimes like the one committed against Mr. George Floyd keep happening. So why aren’t the one tenth of percent of bad and corrupt officers afraid of being arrested by the good 99.9% when they commit crimes??? Is it because in order for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing??? When the good 99.9% fail to intervene, act or arrest the one tenth of percent for crimes, they are not only condoning the crime, they are conspiring. The 99.9% are essentially allowing the one tenth of percent of bad officers to take over the entire police force. We have seen the 99.9% stand with the .1% officers during the Rodney King case; they stood with the .1% during Dialo; Eric Garner; and the one that stood out to me the most is when they stood by and supported the officer who raped multiple women while on duty in the back of his police cruiser. When I saw them packing the courtroom in support of him and consoling him, it was incomprehensible. But we are all human, and we all make bad decisions in our lives, including police officers. Yes, the three officers who ostensibly represent the 99.9% good officers should have stopped that one officer who ostensibly represent the .1% of bad officers from administering unnecessary force which resulted in Mr. George Floyd’s murder. Mr. Floyd was already subdued and restrained on the ground, he didn’t pose a threat. There was no need to put the full weight of a man on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The three officers should have ordered the one officer to stop, and if he didn’t, they should have removed the officer themselves and/or arrested that officer. After all, they represent the 99.9% of good officers, so they should know that we are all subjected to the law, no one is above it. BUT, that one officer was not afraid or worried about being given an order or being arrested… Why??? Is it because time and time again the 99.9% of good officers support, assist, protect and even help cover up the crimes of the .1% bad officers??? Is it because when an officer does do the right thing by standing up to evil, the 99.9% of good officers turn against that officer; ostracize that officer; call that officer a “rat”; and be hostile towards that officer while at the same time protecting the bad .1% officer??? Words are just that, words, ACTION always tell the true intent, the true character and the true story. The people of this great country need to see the 99.9% good officers really standing up to evil in all forms with ACTION, especially when the evil is committed by their fellow officers. When your fellow officer is wrong don’t stand with that officer, stand with what is right. THEN, the people will trust you, assist you, appreciate you and even love you. It is your chance to build a bridge to the people you swore to “Serve and Protect” through ACTION, not words… Truly be the “99.9% good officers” that you are. The whole world is watching and waiting. And the good things you do are not unnoticed or unappreciated, they’re just being overshadowed by the unchecked stains of the .1%.

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