by Damtyell Aminu Vaughter

Salutation to everyone, I just wanted to send a quick post to everyone about the brutal & Horrid Murder of “GEORGE FLOYD” by the Minneapolis police department & I just wanted to say that its another sad day in history when Black men are targeted & killed by those who are supposed to defend & protect us. As I’ve said in my case studies on my own Facebook page @ Damiyell “Hus” Vaughter, that not police officers are crooked, corrupt, bigots or racist but best believe that a strong majority of them are & they stereotype, walk around with chips on there shoulders, they believe that many of us are animals, thugs, degenerates, bastard men & women with no sense of morals or manners. We are judged the very first moment that we are born & unfortunately the majority of the so-called black & minority cops are just as bad as their counterparts & some of them are even worst, witnessing first hand what goes on & simply brushing it off as this is how police work is done & us, most as ignorant people to this affair believe after watching television shows, etc that this is just normal/natural..police beatings, police brutality, slapping us up for information, putting guns to our heads & threatening to pull the trigger, PUTTING THERE KNEE ON A MANS NECK WHILE HE CAN’T BREATH, SCREAMING THAT HE CAN’T BREATH, CHOKING A MAN IN PUBLIC TO DEATH WHILE HE SCREAMS THAT HE CAN’T BREATH, is just something natural but its wrong & extremely unethical & we should never dismiss it as this is just the norm but rather we need to make those changes in our communities & allow me to say this, they grind the hood up about not snitching & the code of the streets mentality, while they themselves practice those same codes amongst themselves..”THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE (F.O.P)” ” THE DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION: MOST JUDGES WERE PROSECUTORS” ” PA DOC GUARD/EMPLOYEE UNIONS” & the list could go on as to those who hold firm to a don’t snitch policy/code but the only difference is that it only applies to them when one if them commits Murder, breaks the Law, covers up for one of their buddies crimes, plants narcotics & so much more, then the code amongst the fraternal order is enforced & the only accountability for them, “ONLY” IF & WHEN they get caught, is desk duty, laid off with pay, demotions, time served, for Murdering innocent men, beating & threatening innocent men, for hanging men in their cells all the while claiming that they committed suicide…yes desk duty is all that they get but us; LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE until they discover that the cop was crooked. Its sad the hypocrisy, the condescension & just so much more & like I said, its up to us to put an end to it & I say this as a man who himself was once ignorant, lost & blind to so much oppression & while yes I can say that black on black crime is something that is reoccurring & disheartening, the reality is that it is a real reason why it is so reoccurring from drugs to guns to all our black men being removed from our communities & the systematic reoccurring cycle of Fatherless man children raising themselves, making their own unethical rules, because their are no men there to educate them otherwise & our women as strong as they are & have always been are forced to take on the bipolar role of being both the father & the mother while they continue to make money off of our misery & exploit us, our pain & our tears. The same way that they scream that we need to be tough on crime, then the same way that we need to be vigilant about those who stand above us, who place themselves above us in holding them to those same rules in which they hold us to… when a innocent black man man can be Murdered on National Television & take 2 weeks to actually charge all men accountable is crazy & the reason why it took so long for them to be charged is because of those same codes/policies & fraternal order that they condemn many of us for…”DON’T SNITCH” #Justice for Gorge Floyd

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