A New Plan of Oppression

by Sarita Miller

I believe it is evil powers in high ranking authority who run these institutions and turn them into unimaginable places of tortuous emotional, physical and mental suffering just for the gaining of massive wealth and the annihilation of certain people. This starts first with our police departments, judges, prosecutors. Which makes up our criminal justices system. This example falls right into BLM and everything it’s fighting for! Which goes into the topic of defunding the police. There has to be some type of law and order. We as black people just want the same equal protection under the law as any one else. During slavery plantation owners hired poor white folks as overseers and slave catchers. Their job was to parole the roads to catch any wandering slaves trying to escape and to make sure those traveling had passes from their masters. There were slave codes put into place if any slave violated said rules. Killing, rape and maiming were acceptable as punishment on slaves. After the civil war between north and the south slave codes were rewritten as black codes where some of those same sadistic punishment still applied to black folks thru an all white racist policing and judicial system. These rules did not apply to white people. Over time most cultures started to resist these barbaric practices,there was now interracial marriages, gay rights etc. A new plan of oppression had to be formed and now we have Systemic racism mass incarceration. Again none of these would be possible without the help of racism and hate in our police and justice systems. What happened to George Floyd was a modern day lynching.

I want to share something with you I’m not trying to be the victim in my case, because the victim is no longer on this earth and I’ll always have to live with that. But I never forget that one day my defense attorney came to see me on a legal visit. For some reason this day we were in a tiny closed in room with just a small wall between us. As I sat there I was speaking with this attorney about my case and out of no where he jumps across the wall looking like a crazy person and screamed in my face This was a white woman that was killed! I mean he was shaking so bad that when he sat down he had to straighten his suit. I thought he was going to hit me. I did not know that I could have had him fired I never been in trouble before. Deep down inside I knew he would not represent me. He wasn’t infuriated by the fact that a human being lost their life but that the person was white. 

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