Thank You!

Hello Everyone, It’s ur brother Shakaboona. I trust everyone is keeping distances & remaining safe during this COVID-19 pandemic we’re experiencing. Through this COVID-19 crisis, and worldwide Black rebellion due to racism & police murders of African Americans, I have been inspired by people from all over by their deep expressions of empathy, love, humanity, & courage. I have been internally moved by three (3) things over the last few months.

One, was seeing the collective movement of how people came out during the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic to help their neighbor, the elderly, & the sick with all sorts of services – food deliveries, meds pick up, donation drives, & aid to prisoners. Witnessing that really raised my spirits & faith in humanity.

Two, I was truly inspired by Black women, they always seem to amaze me. I was really feeling the “Sisterhood” of my daughters Tiana & Princes Diana in their support of their cousin Tiana’s All Natural beauty products business at . We must support one another in our endeavors. So I’m encouraging all my friends to go to the site and purchase some all natural soap & beauty products. I hear the beauty products are fantastic! Ima make a gift purchase too.

Another inspiring Black woman for me is Jeannine Cook, the owner of Harriett’s Bookshop in Fishtown section of Philly, because during the nationwide protest against police brutality in Philly Jeannine went to City Hall and gave away over 100 free books to protestors. The books were copies of Kate Clifford Larson’s ‘BOUND FOR THE PROMISED LAND’: Harriet Tubman: ‘Portrait of an American Hero’, and ‘THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X’: As Told to Alex Haley. Jeannine said “If you’re going to be out there resisting and on the front lines of the movement, then we also need to be on the [community]-building side of things.” Right now, passing out books to protestors has been her medium of activism. Jeannine says, “There are a million different ways that we can approach social ills. Everyone is out there holding up signs, and there’s no problem with that. We’re going to hold up books.”  Yo, I love that! Jeannine is receiving donations from the shop’s Venmo account (@harriettsbookshop), and she’s using the money to “get more books on the streets.” Please, I implore everyone to help this woman out by sending her a money donation for books. Thank you.

Third, was observing the “masses” of Caucasian people in America & the World! come out into the streets to protest “By Any Means Necessary” with African American people against the institutional & structural racism (white supremacy/anti-Black culture) & murderous police forces in America ignited by the police murder of George Floyd. Finally!

This now changes everything. Things will never go back to being the same. Caucasians have seemed to understand that Silence on Racism against Black people is violence & complicity! I now have renewed faith. This moment is a start for Caucasians to increase their support of African Americans’ struggle against anti-Blackism, which is actually a global problem, and “their” problem that’s affecting both parties. The revolutionary African philosopher Frantz Fanon, in his literary classic book WRETCHED OF THE EARTH, said the Torturer & the Tortured (Oppressor & Oppressed) are both injured in the process. Anyways, Dang!, I’m proud of the young Caucasian protestors on the front lines. And I’m sure ancestor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr would be proud of them too.(smile)

OK, gotta go for now. Remember everyone, let’s love, support, & protect one another, ’cause we’re all we got! Fight the Power with our UNITY! – Shakaboona

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