Sexism -HL (unposted)

I hope all is well. Thanks for the update. I’m glad you liked what I wrote about restorative justice. It is a passion of mine. Yes, you can share my comments on the site. I hope I don’t bring any more negative comments! It’s strange to me that I was the first one that attracted negative comments. And I wasn’t even writing anything controversial. It makes me wonder about sexism in crime. A man commits a crime and people understand. A woman commits a crime and she’s evil. Sexism in sentencing has been proven time and time again in academic studies. It’s curious that the first negative comment was directed to a woman. I wonder if any studies have done to gauge the general public’s opinions on second chances for women who have committed violent crimes. I feel that we have a much steeper hill to climb when it comes to receiving forgiveness and Mercy. Commutation data supports my theory. Just a thought. Please give my regards to the men. I pray that everyone stays safe and healthy.

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