I Don’t Want to Die in Here Please

I would like to speak on the mass incarcerated black women, some serving lengthy sentence’s and some life sentence’s aging and dying in prison, appeals and commutation denied, some innocent, but majority from poverty, poor families, can’t afford lawyers, was railroaded in court. Have no knowledge of law, first time offenders, many left children behind with no fathers, so grandmothers or child services left to raise the children, grandmother’s died, children in child services, molested, raped, neglected, abused, beaten, some even killed! I am 62yrs old been in prison 29yrs (1992)on a life sentence for conspiracy to murder, I am not the perpetrator of my crime, but I was given the same sentence as my codefendants, Life ” my health is declining I left three young girls to grow up alone, my mother stepped in ,but she went home with the Lord in 2007 leaving two of my daughter’s with chronic illnesses, the other with mental health and addiction, I have lost all my family since being here, both parents, three sisters, only brother, husband, three nieces, two nephews and a host of other family members. You can read my story at ” freesylviaboykin.com” and sign petition for Governor Wolf to free me, and feel free to contact me at,Smart Communication, Sylvia Boykin OC3555, P.O.Box 33028, St. Petersburg FL 33733, or email me at “connectnetwork.com” click on PA DOC then put in my name and number, I need support and help to obtain my freedom, I don’t want to die here please, My daughter’s are in Philadelphia, PA, I am at Muncy State prison, in Muncy, PA, I have Dr. McCorkel and law students working on my case from Villanova University and I have a lawsuit in for detective who beat me and coerced my statement, Dennis Dusak, google him, they just paid out 13 million and he was fired from Philadelphia police dept. Anyone who would like to help or support me, please contact me, mask up and stay safe out there , Jacob Blake, Brianna Taylor the fight goes on George Floyd

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