Zero Tolerance for Racism

by Damtyell “Aminu” Vaughter

So I was watching the debate last night & it just blows my mind that the President Of The United States Of America can literally say to the entire world at a debate, “I Am the least racist in this room” & not be asked the question, so does this mean that your still a racist but just the least racist in this room? How can anyone make a statement like this openly & not still be challenged… it is almost as if he saying yes I’m admitting that I’m a racist, but I’m not the worst of them in this room. Racism on any level by anyone, White, Black, Brown, yellow or Orange should be condemned & it is because of statements like this by our leaders, that are going unchecked, that is continuing to keep our country divided & at each others neck…There should be a zero tolerance for racism of any form, even the most least in the room….Statements Like I am the least of pedophiles in the room, I am least of those who rape, touch little children, who hate women, who beat on women, all are synonymous with the least of those who still commit & condone that particular act….I am the least of but I’m still a racist, I’m still a rapist, I still touch little children, I still hate women, I still beat women, I’m just the least of them…#Zero tolerance for racism…

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