Proclamation to My People

by Sarita Miller

Right to be redeemed, right to be delivered, restored, rescued, second chances for those who deprive and execute? No justification for deliberate intoxication, fueled by assassinations hunting heat seeking hatred. Names now have fame, liberation not given freely. Fight Black like me, rumble mentally, the oppression of broken spirits, lies ingrained thru centuries. Culture destroyed and dismantled, nothing thrown our way that Jehovah hasn’t given us the strength to handle. Soldiers taken needlessly adds on to the mighty army of Host, that battle for us invisibly. For every George Floyd, Nubian Kings, for every slaughter, so viciously, blood soaked earth, descendants of Abel. Dope annihilation, demilitarize our minds, luminescence, clears the way we see one another not bound by blood, but connected by the struggle.

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