The Media Again…

So the local (Phila) news is very depressing. It seems as if the only things that get coverage in the city are the many different acts of violence that occur by the youth whom many are ignorant to the horrible decisions they are making. I understand how devastating the acts of violence and the lost of precious life is to our communities and society in whole.

The thing is I always have so many questions after watching the news. I find myself questioning how could the news anchor continue night after night speaking on the homicides and shootings that occur in the city for most time less than a 2 minute clip and go straight into either talking about some nonsense such as a tree that was over 50 years old that fell due to the wind or a missing dog.

I also question is there any good thats going on with the youth but then I remember the call I had earlier in the day when I spoke to a loved one and was told that their daughter has been accepted to HOWARD university along with a bunch of other schools and has been contacted by HARVARD university to apply because she’s such an excellent student.

I hear all the time about our boys and girls doing so many great things in school, in the community, and life in general but I rarely ever see such stories on the news and then more questions pop up in my head. I’m not sure because I don’t have access to social media or the internet but I wonder how the leaders and politicians, teachers, parents and most of all the youth feel about the lack of coverage that is shown on all the positives things that are being done by the youth in our city.

I just wonder do they(the media) know that the lack of coverage of the positive is actually fueling and contributing to the hopelessness, despair, and lack of imagination of the very same youth that they cover every night for all the horrible acts of violence that occurs in our city. We all have to do better and that includes the media and their coverage of our communities…

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