Blue Sea

What’s up son
I see you but you don’t see me.
Damn my bad,
this ain’t about me seeing you or you seeing me.
I’m not talking about the sea
that separates a piece of land from another.

This is about the sea of deep misery
that has us locked up, boxed up,
like cargoing boats that floats over the seas to lands
That seems like make-believe to me

​I can’t be with you
to hold you and mold you
like a captain and his first mate.​​

But at any rate,

I can try to guide and steer you
from falling into the sea of never-ending abyss.

No fish no coral no islands but plenty of salt
that comes from the water that leaks from the eyes of those
who secretly shed tears out of fear of never escaping the Abyss.

The abyss I’ll say it again
cos it’s not your friend.
This water is not blue or green
that seems to come to life when you enter the moon like movie screens
with beautiful colors that shake and shimmer as the sun and moon illuminates every glimmer.

Naw, son, this is the Black sea,
the deep dark place where
you don’t wanna be.
Where everyone looks and feels like me
full of pain and despair in this
sea of stale air.
Take heed to my words
or this will be your destiny.
Because the road you’re heading down
has already got the best of me.

So I hope you see what I didn’t see
and follow the Blue sea
and not the Black sea that has
swallowed me.

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