A Journey of Recovery

Simply put redemption is a journey of recovery. Commutation was supposed to be forum for a woman or man to demonstrate they have been redeemed. We may as well define Pennsylvania as a lottery system. It does not exist for Pennsylvania. Very rarely does a prisoner obtain relief. Someone has to tell the five member board you are a Worthy risk. A prisoner will not get all five votes unless she is the lucky number within the 8 year period of a governor. This is why, under any governor, you may have a few lucky persons to get the five votes. If a person reaches the governor’s desk, the governor will sign it. The last man who was granted commutation was 76 years of age, had served 47 years on a life sentence, and he did not kill anyone. Are all these wasted decades necessary? It appears that this system of death by incarceration intentionally attacks and undermines the founding fathers’ vision to eliminate tyranny and oppression. Everything about the massive imprisonment and the false imitation of a process is a recrimination of the constitution and the substitute law that demands that the basic tenet of religion, psychiatry, psychology, and rehabilitative incarceration be applied to people in prison. There is no reason to deny this to persons incarcerated. Pennsylvania has to stop spending billions of dollars on a false narrative of public safety and guilt. Only when large numbers were blacks were put in prisons, then the prisons became death warehouses. Prisoners and felons need a crime strike. Put the system out of business.

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