Redemption and Principles Related to DBI

Redemption has a historical, cultural, social, political, and a economically place in our country. A healthy person makes a healthy citizen when they are able to enjoy the Democratic privileges afforded in the free market. Peace and happiness is part of the reason for the American experiment. Our nation has lost the desire to ensure and continue the founding principles that the founding men used to get this nation started. The mission is Incomplete because each family started off on different places in the experiment. The character which inspired America was everything was possible, even freedom for slaves. Our history is bold, to say the least. The character of the system is change. A cultural shift has taken place. It is positive on one end and ugly on another. Our journey for change is partly of the DNA of America.The search for a solution in bringing DBI to a end has everything to do with justice, fairness, violence, fear, mental disease,and equity. Today we need a cultural change.The change requires a different approach to dispensing justice. A just system requires a central consideration of all elements of the subject. The criminal punishment system has yet, to consider the whole person and the nature of woman and man. We need to change the culture of extreme punishment. It has failed to solve the disease in the society. Remaking the institutions of power so that it will reflect the moral, social, political and economical face of the people. Stakeholders should include the ideas and wishes of the families and community of all the citizens. Media, seduces people in all the dimensions, which has lead us to believe DBI is sufficient in punishment. Along with the overdose of regular media coverage of violence every day and night, the movie industry has convinced us to watch violence as entertainment. The culture of violence has numbed the moral consideration of compassion and fairness. WE have to change the opinion and the image of those serving DBI. If the media continues to show African American. men and women as the face of crime, naturally the entire network of law enforcement, judges,parole boards and the legislature reflect their disdain. Is anyone asking the questions, how do we change the status quo? I believe the citizens in. Pennsylvania are also suffering from the effects of 17 years of war and the ghost of terrorist along with mass school murders.This overflowing of constant, daily diet of blood, tears, emotional demands of revenge, we shouldn’t be surprised that a numbness exists when people in prison are seeking some review of their imprisonment. My solution and answer to our dilemma stands on the ability of human beings to change and evolve as all other human beings do in this world. The public health is reflected in its prisons. The nature of the nation is change and redemption. After centuries of slavery, our nature saw fit to ban slavery, and try to incorporate the black man into the system. A war was fought and more human beings died in that war than any other at that time. Over 100,000 ex slaves died in that war. The point is, America redeemed itself and began the long journey of freedom, equality, opportunity, fairness and above all some justice for all stakeholders! It is my honest belief we have to bind our mission with the historical, moral and spiritual principles that the founding men established the foundation. The cure is found in Love and fairness. Love has never been part of the punitive, judicial, punishment, law making systems. Love is a cure. Love used in the right way, will open the heart and sight will come back. There is blindness operating in the legislative system. Only special interest and who can obtain enough donations to finance reelections matters.This is a form of blindness that keeps the common peoples concerns from coming to light. One nation means, we are all one. At the time of war. the citizens are asked to out down their differences and let us bind together against the enemy. This is a call for loving and dying for beach other, for the health of the nation. I urge all of those concerned to be mindful there is a cultural revolution taking place in America. It is our duty to get on board and insist that a different twenty first century idea come forth and allow the citizens who have been sentenced to die in prison be given a healthy start and reentered into society. A healthy person leaving prison can easily spread health and sanity to the family, which spreads across the community.There are all winners in the proposition that women and men who are serving DBI, are a essential part of healing and peace in our society. Love goes a long way in solving historical health and social problems. Minds and bodies do heal when treated with the necessary touch of mercy, opportunity and the divine breath of trust. It had been shown over and over again that the human brain takes time to mature and to reason.Over half the DBI persons were underdeveloped when the crimes took place. The brain science supports the argument that DBI is not justified even under the most punitive systems because, those convicted are not irredeemable, and many never killed anyone. I won’t stress the legal arguments that justify immediate parole if not release for some. There are men and women who should not serve another second in jail.But until the persons who control are able to love human beings regardless of status in life or skin color, we are not able to apply justice and fairness.

With Love and faith Karim

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