A National Period for Redemption

Most Americans are working class. They pay taxes, obey the laws, and follow the rules. They pay taxes expecting the leaders to represent the interests of the people who give their salaries. The leaders are paid to manage these trillions of dollars every year.This responsibility has been taken for granted…

A social and political contract is missing in this relationship of government and citizen. It is incontestable that we are suffering a lack of accountability, The unchecked power given to our elected leaders has created a mixture of totalitarian and autocracy systems that we take for granted. An example: a judge or a three judge panel repeatedly make judicial rulings that offend the common citizens’ life and liberty. The rulers make laws that permit other arms of the state to use our tax dollars to build more prisons and to hire more police (to watch you). In return we get high prices for everything you need to sustain life. They use your tax dollars to build sports stadiums, but you remain unable to obtain treatment and assistance for your disabled child. The national disregard for the citizens has caused crime, including an underground economy, composed of millions of citizens who see no reason to get involved in the system. The political systems have failed to solve centuries of abuse and neglect. Thinking critically, I am convinced that the local, state, and national leadership should think in terms of redeeming themselves and reversing the selfish government we exist under. First, redeem themselves with a commitment to serve the needs of the citizens– all the people. Psychological preparation would help the long road for redemption in order to save the nation from the present courses of AMERIÇAN APARTHEID.

UNTIL WE become open skeptics of the fake leadership, our communities will continue existing as a crippled and inferior humans. Scientific and social methods have to become part of the redeeming journey.

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