Massive Incarceration 2016


We live in a nation that imprisons 25% of the world’s prisoners. What is more astonishing is citizens in America serve more time in prison than any other nation. Equally, unbelievably, the myth that “we need to build more prisons and make the punishment more harsher.”

While taking a class in Lewisburg Federal Prison in 1978, I was privileged to have an Economics Professor explain in detail the public policy which was going to imprison millions of unemployed, desperate citizens who will get caught up in the criminal system. In the process of this public policy, massive imprisonment will be the solution to a broader issue of world economics.. The professor gave us a simple example of a nation that once provided millions of jobs but suddenly the corporations in mass began closing down steel mills and factories that moved to China and other nations. Obviously, the unemployment would cause trauma.

As a result of this economic unhappiness and shock violence, within the home, and property crimes and gangs would emerge from this social disaster. As a substitute for employment, drugs would become an economic escape from poverty.

Public policy became a voice for law enforcement, and more police were put in the urban zones because the crime rate increased. Massive prison construction took place in order to imprison poor whites and blacks for extended periods of time. This is where we inherited massive imprisonment of Americans.

Extreme prison sentences were instantly created by state and federal lawmakers. They will not tell us the truth, but this policy was engineered by our social scientists and politicians to imprison the young men and women who were unemployed as long as possible. The idea is based on centuries of study that crime is committed by the youthful. The nation’s leaders had to find a solution to a human problem. The cost was of no concern because the taxpayers always foot the bill.

The transfer of wealth will not trickle down to the common people. The corporations have left America for China, Asia for good. This transfer of labor he said, “has had the effect of an atom bomb dropping on the inner cities.”

We have to become educated in the areas of economics, saving, developing your businesses. This knowledge is the only solution to the unemployment and crime in the communities across this country. Most of the prisons are built in rural America. Prisons only provide a certain number of jobs. At the same time, millions of men and women are taken from their inner city homes, and transferred into far away federal and state prisons. The money that would remain in the city is now going into the state budget to take care of each prisoner. Families lose the economic contribution that their imprisoned loved one could have provided. The people lose at both ends. Society as a whole loses and the nation becomes a divided society. We don’t want this type of society, nor do we need that kind of world.


But this public policy is manufactured by men who are greedy and heartless. We must come to understand that everyone is not involved in making america a safe and happy place for all its citizens. There are policy makers, leaders, professors, scientists who believe a capitalistic system must have at least 6% or more unemployment at all times. There are others who believe that prison is a safety net for the poor. We have an obligation to demand that our government change the public policy and reduce the prison population because it is inhumane, unjust, and unconstitutional. The implication of this horrible policy, was rooted in a false premise. Additionally, the massive imprisonment battle cry was not fairly, legally, and humanely discussed and researched with public input. The entire massive imprisonment was a product of political, emotional, and prejudicial components.

Our message is an attempt to educate you about the massive incarceration and how it affects our families and communities. The $80 billion and more used to imprison human beings is taking money from other services of the community. In every major city public schools have closed down. In the last 25 years hospitals and clinics in urban cities and rural areas have closed down. Why? Your tax dollars are being used for prisons, guard salaries, police salaries, judges, and court houses being built. There is no money left for human services and education. This phenomenal disaster has taken place across America.

The public policy along with social scientists are aware that large numbers of young healthy women and men, who are unable to earn a living, will convert to some form of crime. The plot to imprison the idle poor worked perfectly.

We are now in the very nightmare that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of. The same arguments that he made in the ’50s and ’60s remains today. He warned us about racism, poverty, militarism and materialism. Our great warrior went on to teach America that the whole society was rooted in the four evils. He revealed that the sickness was systematic rather than superficial flaws and suggested that radical reconstruction of society itself is the real issue to be faced.

All Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter:

My friends, this is why black lives matter, massive incarceration matters, and judicial and legislative repression matters. We have to recognize the forces that prevent our community from enjoying peace, happiness, freedom, and the right to life. It is our right to agitate, that is a duty of each citizen to create the circumstances that demands the men or power to listen, and change the structures that offends our fundamental human rights.

White Lives Matter:

Massive incarceration is not a separate problem from the everyday struggle of unemployment, violence, miseducations, and fear. Massive incarceration should include all citizens. There are white people sitting in prison, rotting away. They also have been framed for crimes, as well as unconstitutional sentences. Because they were white and poor. The difference is black people in the media are bringing attention to the public policies of massive unjust imprisonment. The issue does not discriminate. Every person regardless of skin color or status in society, come and join us in this struggle.

There has been a total lack of recognition that white men and women have also been unjustly convicted, and denied parole. Too many injustices go uncorrected by our system because the face is usually of a black man. We must change the narrative and educate with truth.

A Time for Unity:

Let us remain awake in these times of great change. Some of us need to come out of our coma. We have been economically suffocated in a society flourishing in wealth, and the condition has worsened for millions of citizens. Whites are poor and blacks are poor. We should not let race divide us. Our unity is necessary if we want to make change.

Dr. Martin Luther King mentioned in one of his speeches before some church leaders that how many times have someone knocked on our door at midnight seeking help, hope, and love , and in return received rejection and told to go away. His message was for the church to meet the needs of the people and how the church is supposed to be the Conscience of the State. It must be a guide and a critic of the State, and never its tool

Knock at The Door:

There is a knock at the door for all people to answer the call for change. The social order requires us to wake up and not sleep while the time is now for a complete change. We don’t want to go down in history as being asleep in the time of evolution. Let history be a lesson to us.

We welcome everyone to help us change the criminal-judicial-legislative-prison-parole-police systems. Each of these entities are one. They have specific functions that support one another. Each feeds off the other.

Thank you for reading this blog and expect more information. Feel free for dialogue.

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