Dear Friend,

History teaches the nature of men who rule the human family. Governments change when the people create such tension, they are forced to meet our demands. But, we must get enough education in the heart of the people. America has allowed its citizens to make comfort, games, and enough food to cause us to be tolerant. The people who should be in the streets and demanding change are sleep and afraid. Our fight is very difficult but it must be fought. I see women are the key to this struggle. Some men yes but women are going to move this revolution forward, then more men will step. It is going happen, in a way we don’t conceive. Because the rulers are blind with comfort, counting their money, traveling the universe and maintain ugly police and military assassination agencies. They all carry funds and are hired murders. I noticed for years when a women and her children are evicted from their home, the sheriffs come armed. How can we call our society a free nation. I remember when Kent State protest and the national guard killed all those white people. I heard many white men and women say to many of us,that power does not see color and they will kill their mother without a second thought. That statement is true today.



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